Zorb Ball Types Explained for Beginners

Albert Howard

Zorb Ball Types Explained for Beginners

Do you want to try a zorb ball? Having trouble deciding between the various zorb ball types? You are not the only person, though, who feels powerless when selecting a zorb ball. In the world of balls, lots of people get lost. That is why we are here to explain the many zorb ball varieties to you. 

There are several advantages to reviewing the list of balls that are provided below. You will first become acquainted with the ball varieties. Second, finding the ideal one for you will become a lot simpler for you. So let’s move on to the next section without spending any more time. To increase your knowledge of zorb balls, keep reading. Let’s keep rolling.

Types of Zorb Balls Based on Surface Land

For the land, these balls are among the most popular kinds. This is frequently called “land zorbing.” On a level, incline, or decline surface, a person uses a ball in this form of activity. It can be a playground, a grassy incline, or a roomy field where you can move the ball about with ease. 

The land ball is substantial and readily fits one person or two individuals at once. Most frequently, an air track mat is used to produce a gentler landing. On this inflatable mat, resembling a soft cushion, people frequently go zorbing. As a result, you are free to walk about as you like.

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By watching too many action/fiction movies or other forms of media, we have shifted a little bit toward the fiction of walking on water. Well, water zorbing will make that dream a reality immediately. 

This is a different kind of ball where one walks on water rather than land. As a result, a person is positioned on a body of water after entering a zorb or hamster ball. The water is scarce, though, like in a lake or pool. 

A person standing on a lake experiences a bouncing effect that forces him to balance himself in the water. In summary, it gets challenging and enjoyable at the same time.


The snow zorbing requires a snowy surface, as suggested by the word itself. In mountainous towns with lots of snowfall, this style of zorbing is very popular. Aside from that, it is a little challenging to manage the ball because snow does not provide much friction. 

But in urban areas, zorbing is frequently available in artificially snowy conditions. Additionally, one of the most important things to consider before going snow zorbing is safety. As a result, it is less common than other types of zorbing. Just be sure you get the proper instruction before engaging in this kind of zorbing.


It resembles water zorbing somewhat. The fact that water zorbing can be done in either deep or shallow water is one of the main contrasts, though. However, with aqua zorbing, water is thrown on the ground to lessen the friction between it and the zorb ball.

In order to run down a hill on a wet or humid surface, a person inside a zorb ball does so. This makes zorbing more challenging and raises the fun factor. Make sure to check for safety harnesses within the ball while purchasing such balls from Kameymall.

Ball Zorb Bubble

Field trips are frequently enjoyable. But having a bubble ball on the pitch multiplies the enjoyment. These are not spherical in all respects. The person is actually only partially in the ball. 

This ball only covers the upper body, including the face. It is frequently used to engage in combat with other teams without getting wounded.

A person can control their direction with their free legs because the ball sits a little snugly around them. As a result, you rarely feel anything when you crash with someone inside a bubble ball. 

When playing American football or tackling other teammates without getting hurt, this is useful. As a result, you should purchase this one because it is safe and secure in every way.


Zorbing is a thrilling and entertaining hobby. However, it’s frequently mistaken for something hazardous. Instead, it is entirely secure. Kameymall offers high-quality zorb balls at reasonable costs, you can purchase a ball from them. 

Furthermore, when zorbing, safety comes first. This ball has several harnesses because of this to protect those within from harm. These balls are also put through a number of tests to make sure they won’t puncture while you’re inside.

The most crucial factor is that the individual within the zorb ball has access to enough oxygen to breathe. As a result, zorbing is absolutely harmless. To experience something new in your life, make sure you give it a shot once.

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