Account Aggregation- How is it Uprising, and What do Customers & Businesses Get from it?

Albert Howard

Account Aggregation- How is it Uprising, and What do Customers & Businesses Get from it?  

In simple terms, account aggregation (AA) is all about collecting somebody’s financial information from a bundle of different accounts, so that it can be gathered or shown in a single place. You may also have noted it as an aggregation of financial data. Still, it signifies a similar thing: accumulating the data from various – or all – of somebody’s accounts to improve their finances’ visibility. (Forever and only with authorization, as expected.) 

AA can fall under various formats. It can be restricted to a specific institution or to a fixed type of account. It can also be very expansive and includes details on a vast variety of accounts – from pensions and investments to mortgages and credit cards.  

It is all based on how the aggregation is being completed and to what intent. Here is how it can benefit people and businesses from enhanced clarity. 

What Does Aggregate Signify in Finance and Accounting?  

Account aggregation is related to the procedure of gathering data from various financial accounts and creating – or accumulating – it into one place. You may already be aware of AA if you have multiple business accounts with one bank. When people have an account and sign into their digital banking service or mobile application, they can browse data from savings, checking, and brokerage accounts in one place.  

Today’s aggregation of accounts has been sent to the subsequent level with the potential of open banking, collecting data from diverse financial platforms, applications, and banks into one service. Apart from opening different tabs on your system screen or signing into multiple applications to see your finances, the finest account aggregators draw this data effectively into one application. 

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How Do People Benefit from AA?  

In most conditions, the key advantage of aggregation is that it is helpful for people to see all their distinctive accounts in a single place. This is specifically beneficial for people who have their cash deployed via diverse accounts (which is somewhat normal).  

Thus, if someone creates a salary account with bank A, an investment account with bank B, or a mortgage account with bank C – he can get a complete outline of their finances by a single application. Or else, he might require to sign in to three different banks, and then keep a score in mind like how much amount was in each account. 

How Do Businesses Benefit from AA?  

If you are the same as various business holders, you possibly have different login credentials for your investment accounts, bank accounts, and credit cards. Would it not be good to go through all your accounts from one interface for increased visibility of your finances? Account aggregators draw all this financial data in sync at a single, and convenient place.   

Businesses can gain a similar way to customers by employing services that provide business accounts aggregation. This is an easy way to attain the best financial analysis if their funds are laid by different accounts.  

Furthermore, businesses are more likely to attain value by offering or leveraging AA for their own clients.  

Offering Aggregation  

Furnishing account aggregation can be an easy method to involve customers and hold back their interest. Let us work with the same instance as above. If bank B allows their customers to review all their accounts (along with the ones they possess with banks A and C) in their application, the customer will possibly use bank B’s application more frequently than the others.  

Benefiting from Aggregation  

There are also different businesses that can gain from improved transparency in their clients’ finances.  

Lending firms are the best example. They can employ aggregation to get fast, simple access to all their clients’ (or prospective clients’) financial details to make more precise credit or risk estimates.  

Having a simple method to access and the complete image of somebody’s finances can assist businesses in several ways, from keeping time and growing efficiency to giving an effective user experience in their online channels.  

How is Account Aggregation Uprising?  

  1. Increased Financial Knowledge: The most relevant benefit of an Account Aggregator solution is the simplicity with which customers can check financial data to make well-versed decisions in relation to their investment and banking preferences. 
  2. Reduced Turnaround Time: AAs basically decrease the huge sum of time customers have to attempt in order to benefit from financial services. Thus, the problem of running around and gathering all the financial records before using financial services would be removed. This time saved can be moderately invested into assessing the services offered by different opponents in the market! 
  3. Fraud Decline: It decreases the fraud linked to physical information by setting safe digital signatures and end-to-end encoding for data allocation. In addition, the services of 3rd parties cannot be utilized for embarking on the business of AA. Likewise, the customer’s approval is at the center of the AA ecosystem. Therefore, if an individual decides not to allocate the financial details, it will remain with the financial service provider. Over and above, an AA has not been accredited to collect any user’s information. Finally, user data is safe from getting misused or from prospective leakage.  
  4. Collaboration Between UPI and Account Aggregation: With the commencement of UPI, payments have been growingly accessible and prevalent. The system of AA operates on the same idea; the only distinction is in the data that is being swapped. The technology-oriented payment solutions application permitted clients to exchange payments on various banking accounts through a single app with an implicit payment address, each possessing a unique identity. The entities of AA will also go after the UPI payment system suit and will allow a user to send abundant financial details kept by the user in different accounts via a sole virtual address unique to each user. This would be allocated to an FIU, given the user permissions to the similar, giving access to specific data asked for by an Account Aggregation qualifier.



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