Varanasi Road Trip - Holy City of India

Albert Howard

Varanasi Road Trip – Holy City of India

One of the seven religious cities for Hindus in India, Varanasi is unquestionably a sight to witness. Furthermore, the city offers a liberating, exhausting, and vibrant experience that will amaze you and fill your heart with spirituality. The majestic temples, scenic ghats, and other famous places to tour in Varanasi draw hundreds and thousands of sightseers annually. Moreover, while the city is renowned for its temples, ghats, and folk music, there are many other prominent places you can glimpse when you take a road trip via booking a Varanasi taxi service. 

Top sightseeing attractions in Varanasi

Popularly known as the ‘City of Ghats’, Varanasi is an ancient Indian city with an old-world charm within its surroundings. Famous Indian authors like Tulsidas composed Ram Charit Manas here. In addition, the city is famous for its silver and gold threadwork, carpet weaving, wooden toys, glass bangles, perfumes, artistic brassware, and handicrafts. Here are some well-known sightseeing attractions you can tour in Varanasi. 

  • New Vishwanath Temple

Situated inside Banaras Hindu University, New Vishwanath temple has travelers herding to its doors daily. The famous Birla family, a hugely thriving group of entrepreneurs in India, financed its construction; hence, many call it Birla Temple. 

A remarkable thing about this magnificent temple is that it isn’t just one structure. Seven different temples jointly make one large religious premise. The legendary ancient Vishwanath temple is an immediate inspiration for the creation of this temple. Furthermore, every wall of this majestic temple remains covered in the utterings of Lord Krishna when he chanted the Bhagwad Gita.

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  • Durga Temple

Devoted to Goddess Durga, this spectacular temple symbolizes a feminine deity. The goddess in this temple has emerged out of thin air and was not constructed by any man. Another accolade of feminism for this temple is that a woman financed its construction. 

The Maharani of Bengal was behind the temple’s construction, and it was her wish that the temple should have the Nagara style of architecture. However, the most impressive fact about this temple is that it is toured by several monkeys daily, and there are so many monkeys found here that people call it a Monkey Temple. 

  • Assi Ghat

Assi Ghat is supposed to be the site where the famous poet Tulsidas departed. The southernmost ghat in the area, it is among the most famous with sightseers. Moreover, on an average day, approximately 300 tourists visit it within an hour, but during festival time, that number can reach roughly 2500 people. Also, when at Assi ghat, you can take a relaxing boat ride on the Ganges or even indulge in a hot air balloon expedition! Devotees clean themselves in the Ganga river before performing rituals as they believe the water purifies their hearts and soul.

  • Ramnagar Fort

Situated across the Ganga River from Tulsi Ghat, it was constructed out of sandstone in the 17th century by Raja Balwant Singh, the ruler of Banaras at the time. He and his children have resided in that castle for centuries now. 

However, in 1971, the status of an authorized ruler was repealed by the government, but still, Pelu Bhiru Singh is commonly known as the Maharaja of Varanasi. While Hindu kings built this fort, it is a testament to the glorious Mughal architectural style that is a sight to behold. 

Whether seeking spirituality or just in for a new experience, Varanasi will never fail to amaze you with its spectacular sightseeing locations. So if you are keen on learning more about India’s culture, tradition, history, and art, book a car rental in Varanasi and get going. 

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