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How to apply for Senior citizen card during lockdown?

Senior citizens have a lot of trouble performing multiple basic tasks because of the inconvenience of age or the financial burdens these tasks bring. This is one of the reasons why the Government decided to provide aid with some of their day-to-day activities.

If you haven’t received the memo yet and are wondering what a senior citizen card is.

A senior citizens card is a document provided to older people in India allowing them certain benefits when travelling or regarding certain purchases they make. These cards are given to people above 60 years of age, with even higher slabs if they cross 80 years.

Some of the benefits they receive are massive discounts on bus, rail, or flight tickets as long  as they show their senior citizen cards when travelling.

Better interest plans and returns on their investments with major benefits on medical insurance as well.

Separate queues when waiting in long lines at offices, markets, or when submitting forms. Discounts on phone bills, electricity bills, while general paperwork and documentation processes for Government applications are easier.

How do you apply for a senior citizens card?

The unfortunate part of the process is that most of the older generation are not comfortable using the internet, which is something they are constantly struggling with. There are two ways people can apply for their senior citizen cards, through the website or the office.

It is advised that it not be done through the office since that is a long, tedious process and needs people to travel for ages. Additionally, it is not usually solved with one trip but needs multiple and this is not something that we would encourage the old to handle. The online method is a lot   better with a great interactive website making everything convenient.

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With a lot of the senior citizens spending the largest part of their day indoors, it makes sense they try to use it to apply for the card.

How does the website work?

Applicants just need to log in to the website and open up the application forms for a senior  citizen card. They are simple and clear, with a bunch of fields that ask for certain information that has to be filled and submitted. Furthermore, the candidates need to attach additional documentation to prove that the details initially filled in the form are accurate.

The website then provides users with a list of documents needed mainly their proof of identity, proof of age and proof of address. The only challenge might be uploading a photograph but even that can be done through a phone camera to simplify the process.

Once all this has been provided, it is processed at the backend and a date and time when the card will be dispatched are mentioned. The senior citizen cards are generally dropped off by the postal service, proving that an individual can apply and handle the entire process without leaving their house.

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