Key Skills that Every teacher Must Have

Juliet D'cruz

Key Skills that Every teacher Must Have

Teachers play an essential role in making the education system strong. The role of teaching requires a different set of skills. Here we are mentioning few basic skills which a teacher must have to increase engagement with students whether they are teaching through a live teaching app or in a traditional classroom.


Communication plays an essential role in teaching, whether verbal, written or any best app to teach online such that provides a whiteboard and more – whatever it takes for students to grasp the concept.

Tips to Learn Communication skills

  • Many jobs, including volunteering or tele-calling your school alumni, can bring confidence and help you to increase your verbal skills.
  • Joining a literary club or groups where you can meet new people can also help for same.
  • Taking responsibility for social media marketing and management can also serve the purpose.

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Creativity in teaching is required to make your student learn the theory with fun activities. It will help you make your class exciting and find new ways to enjoy their classes.

Tips to Develop creative skills

Work on your artistic hobbies such as painting, dancing, or anything

Share ideas  and helps your colleagues with a creative solution to teach the lesson

Volunteer the classroom, and learn different approaches from other teachers or by social media platforms


The teaching profession requires a lot of patience as the learning pace of each student is different from others. Many people learn quickly, whereas few people need more time to understand any concept. It would help if you had the patience to deal with all types of learners because it’s your job, and it will help you not losing temper in any complex situation.

Tips to Develop this skill

Patience is inherent, but you can improve it with more and more practice.


If you aren’t confident enough, you will not teach the number of students present in the class. Confidence can help you make the teaching flow really smooth while standing in the class, whether you are teaching kids or college students. Many times you will get involved in public speaking activities, so you need to be confident enough.

Tips for developing this skill:

  • Come out of your comfort zone and try new things. If you can do something out of your comfort zone, that is the first step that shows you are confident.
  • You must not have any self-doubt or try to please others. You can easily say no to the things you don’t like


You must be eager and enthusiastic if you love your profession and the subject you are teaching. It will help you communicate with classes more efficiently and make the session more interactive for students.

How to Add Enthusiasm With Your Teaching

  • You must love the subject and your profession, as enthusiasm, in reality, is very hard to fake.
  • Turn the boring concept in some excellent quizzes, games, and poem writing competitions to memorize all the concepts quickly.
  • Look for new ways which are different from others, read other books, and show love to your profession by going through the various project topics.

Dedication Towards Work

Teaching can be a challenging job sometimes, but if you work with dedication to help the students in their success journey, you will maintain the same energy and will not feel low at any time.

Tips to Develop Dedication

Work on your understanding level and understand everything from the student’s point of view; it will help them know the exact problems.

Come Up with a Quick Resolution

If you can come up with a quick resolution to avoid any tense situation, you can easily handle your students and make their mood lighter to make the learning process easy for them.

Tips to Develop this Skill

  1. It will enhance your behavior management skills. You can find many tips and journals available online to develop them and apply them in your everyday life.
  2. Many times you face conflict situations between students which will require the skills to solve this trouble.
  3. You must know how to act intense situations, stop the argument, and think about reacting with a calm and relaxed mind in any case.


The above mentioned skills help you to connect more with your profession and it will allows you to love your profession more without any problem.

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