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How to apply for a Birth certificate online – Full guide

The birth of a child is one of the best experiences a parent can go through. The hospital usually assists with the ton of paperwork that has to be handled post the childbirth, out of which the most important document to have sorted out is the child’s birth certificate. Other than being the only proof of identity, the birth certificate will also be used when applying for all other documents as the child gets older.

The parents have to provide certain information including their full names, address, and the child’s paternal grandparents names. After everything has been provided, the birth certificate is processed and given at the registrar nearest to where the child was born.

How can the birth certificate online website assist?

There are instances where the child’s birth certificate might not have been applied for which is where the website comes into play. It creates a smooth system to gather all the details needed and creates a birth certificate for the child.

Additionally, there are other tasks it takes care of like applying for a lost birth certificate.

Normally, this takes a lot of time and needs the individual to go to the registrar with a bunch of documents. That’s not all, a police complaint is sometimes needed mentioning the loss of the certificate and a written application for a new one needs to be submitted. With the online system, the entire process can be handled through an online form, that doesn’t even have to be downloaded. Scanned copies of the additional documents need to be uploaded to the website as well.

Another major pain is changing the names on the certificate when there was an error or typo initially made. To get this edited, a bunch of documents have to be submitted, following a tedious and time-consuming practice. However, with the online platform, everything is made easy and   can be managed in a few minutes.

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How does it work?

Log on to the website and open up the application form depending on the task you are looking to handle. All the forms are already on the website, and just need to be filled and submitted.

Additionally, upload the documents asked for from the list provided. Although the basic skeleton is the same, proof of address and identification, the rest of the documents vary based on the process being applying for.

After everything has been submitted, the website provides a date when everything is processed. The birth certificate can then be downloaded or posted.

If however, there is an issue with the documents uploaded or the online form, the applicant will be informed and have to either make changes or upload the right documents to proceed.

The entire process can be handled from home in about half the time it takes to make a single trip to their office. As long as all documents are ready and within reach, the process will not take   more than a few minutes.

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