How to sign up for a Gas connection for your kitchen

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How to sign up for a Gas connection for your kitchen?

If you are not using a gas connection, it might be a good time to switch to one since they are so much more convenient than any of the alternatives.

Furthermore, they are also better priced, with maintenance so low, you don’t even feel it. For the longest time, getting a new gas connection was quite bothersome since the process took forever. It needed a visit to the gas office and a giant, tedious and slow stack of paperwork to be handled.

This caused a lot of people to look for and switch to alternatives to avoid the hassle altogether. Some of their options were electric stoves, which worked like gas stoves but took longer to warm up, or microwaves and ovens.

Other than being classified as an essential commodity by the Indian Government, there are   various schemes the Government has running to encourage people to switch to gas. They have even created discounts for people who cannot afford gas but are interested in making the switch. 

People are allowed to surrender their discounts to benefit someone else who might need it more, thereby increasing the number of people using gas in the country.

What was the process of applying for a gas connection?

Gas companies are now just waiting for people to apply for new connections. Additionally, a giant advantage for people is that the process has now been taken online. They no longer have to    travel to provide their details when they can handle this over the phone.

The most important step is to research the gas companies before committing to a specific one. There are multiple options out there, some larger than others, so be sure the one you’re picking works well for your household. All gas companies send cylinders using trucks to the houses of their customers. Learn and understand their schedules, making sure they sync with yours, so you can collect refills when needed.

Post finding the right option, everything else can be handled in under a week, through the gas website.

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The website has a list of forms to be filled out. These have to be sent over with proof of identification and address. They also provide a list of documents to be sent over. Once all that information has been received, everything is processed at the backend of the website. In about a week applicants receive information about their gas connection. 

The gas  company will then check on their availability for a date to send their representative over. They collect additional documentation if needed when they visit.

If there are any issues with the new gas connection, you can always get in touch with the office to send a technician or provide assistance over the phone. The representatives are quite helpful and if there are any glaring issues, you can always switch to a different provider. Under normal circumstances, you don’t have to visit the office since everything can be done through the website or phone.

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