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Wigs: A Guide to Knowing Everything

Cancer treatment whether chemotherapy or radiation therapy can cause hair loss to cope with the situation and restore femininity, many women decide to wear wigs. So we thought you’d love our little guide on this! Where to buy your wig? What is the expected price? Any help? How to put it? We explain everything to you.

What are the different types of wigs?

There are two types of wigs: synthetic hair wigs and natural hair wigs. The variation between the two types of wigs is price, longevity, and ease of maintenance. Kameymall Synthetic wigs are easier to maintain and cheaper…but generally less comfortable and less “realistic”. Go here to learn how to take care of your wig!

How much is a wig?

Wigs are quite expensive accessories. However, its price varies according to several criteria: the material of the hair used and the design of the wig (is it handcrafted or mechanically assembled?). As an indication, the price of synthetic wigs fluctuates between 125 and 600 euros, while for natural hair wigs, if handmade and custom made, you need to calculate between 500 and several thousand euros.

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Is your wig natural hair or synthetic?

Human hair wigs are more expensive, but as the name suggests, they look more natural. They should be washed more frequently and need to be shaped after each shampoo. Just like you use your real hair! Dyed hair may also be less durable, as this type of wig is more prone to oxidation. Synthetic wigs are less restrictive in maintenance, wash less frequently, and require no styling. On the other hand, you will have to have a wig that has a pre-determined color that cannot be color later. You can choose the option that is closest to your needs, desires, and budget.

What supports your wig?

Social Security pays for a wig (note: it must be prescribed for you by your doctor) up to €125 (i.e. the cheapest synthetic wig), regardless of the amount you pay. This aid can be paid twice a year if necessary (this will allow you to make changes if necessary). Your supplemental insurance may reimburse you for the extra portion, but the amount varies widely (their assistance can cover one to six times the health insurance assistance). Therefore, we recommend that you consult your health insurance fund before buying a wig to find out how much they can offer you in addition to the help of social security and avoid any unpleasant surprises!

Note, however, that some dealers sometimes do not benefit from third-party payments or social security, so we recommend that you check before going to the store.

Can I get a grant or loan?

If a wig is too much of an investment for you, we recommend consulting with your hospital nurse and social worker. In fact, they usually know about the possibility of aid or loans, as well as shops that sell wigs at affordable prices or are fully reimbursed by Social Security. Hospitals sometimes have their own wigs (or other headgear) left to you by former patients. Finally, the association specializes in exchanging and donating wigs after treatment, so you can find them at affordable (and sometimes even free) prices.

If you can’t stand your wig anymore

If you can no longer wear a wig (which is understandable on sunny days and hot weather), there are other solutions! You can turn to headwear such as scarves, hoods, and other headscarves. They will protect your head while being lighter than wigs. If not, we’re here to book an appointment for you and learn all about scarves!

Also, if you feel the need to relax your skull after wearing a wig all day, check out our article on how to ease your skull after wearing a wig, which may be of interest to you. To make wearing a wig more comfortable, our scalp spray is ideal. Really promotes immediate relief of itching associated with wig wearing and lasting moisturizing of the scalp.

What to do with the wig after treatment?

Your treatment is done and you want to get rid of your wig? Know that other women will need it and they may not be able to. So you can “recycle” your wig and make others happy by donating it to associations which you can find on their Facebook page. Don’t hesitate to ask the hospital or the wig manufacturer who sold you the wig. They will surely know what associations exist in the area!

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