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What is the best way to memorise Current Affairs 2022 for UPSC exam?

Current affairs is one of the most important sections in the UPSC 2022 exam, carrying a good amount of  weightage. As a part of the UPSC syllabus, it is imperative that you prepare it well and improve your chances of success. That said, students often get confused and disheartened when it comes to preparing for the current affairs section of the UPSC exam. So how can you memorise facts and prepare well? 

Byju’s Exam Prep understands this, which is why we’ve curated a few tips to help you memorise current affairs for the UPSC exam in a better way.

How to learn current affairs? Revision tips 

The number of events happening on a daily basis makes current affairs one of the most challenging parts of the test. You can memorise current affairs 2022 faster by using the strategies listed below:

Read newspapers 

Reading newspapers is one of the best ways to brush up on your current affairs. Unlike television and other broadcast media, the information provided in newspapers can be referred to, over and over again, without causing stress. 

Dive deep into the headlines, analysing the issues at a deeper level.  

To prepare for UPSC, you can also refer to the ‘Daily News Analysis’ on Byju’s Exam Prep portal, which contains a summary of the most significant events in a PDF format. 

Make notes

The best way to memorise current affairs for UPSC is by making notes. It’s not only helpful for revision, but also allows you to retain facts that could be a part of the UPSC current affairs exam. 

Start by reading about an event, noting down the most prominent points, facts and figures associated with a given topic. Make sure that they’re short and to the point, since the UPSC exam guidelines allow you to write only 250 words per question. 

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It would be better to write them down in a neat, structured format.   

Take a current affairs quiz 

Another great tip to study current affairs for UPSC is taking quizzes. You can start taking current affairs quizzes on specific topics, or opt for a more general testing method. 

By taking these quizzes multiple times, you are not only retaining information, but also ensuring your chances of clearing the UPSC exam. 

Do check out the weekly quizzes, designed specifically for learners to grasp critical concepts better. 

Focus & Underline Keywords

Once you’ve read a topic multiple times, start taking notes and highlight the most important keywords around it. This is one of the best ways to memorise current affairs for the UPSC 2022 exam. 

Categorise the keywords in a manner that you’re able to relate those keywords to the relevant topics. Since the UPSC exam is time-sensitive, having a keyword list ensures that you’re able to write answers taking into account the most relevant information, thereby also saving time.

Solve questions 

Once you’ve read about a topic and made notes, it’s time to test your knowledge. To do so, you can jot down the relevant questions from the topic you’ve just read, and try to solve them on a piece of paper. 

The answers should be from the book itself, since they’ve just finished reading the topic. Answering these questions gives you an idea about how you can plan your answers better. 

Keep revising 

Revision is extremely crucial as it helps you memorise current affairs. Unlike other sections, it needs you to prepare daily, and one must start revising the topics as early as possible. 

Hence, keep revising the current affairs daily and never lose track. 

Byju’s Exam Prep is exclusively-designed to help UPSC and IAS aspirants crack the exam. With recorded lectures, the latest news, current affairs and notes, we offer everything you need to prepare for the UPSC 2022 exam. 

Sign up on BYJU’S Exam Prep for UPSC preparation program to get the right guidance and score well in the exam.

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