Top 4 benefits of highlighting bestsellers through QR code menu customization

Albert Howard

Top 4 benefits of highlighting bestsellers through QR code menu customization

Bestsellers are the most ordered dish in your restaurant — a crowd favorite guaranteed that most customers will like. Highlighting the bestsellers in your menu QR code can increase the number of orders for better sales performance.

The great thing is that a QR code menu platform offers quick and easy customization, where restaurants can change the QR code menu layout in real time. Restaurants can update the bestsellers, food and beverage selections, and prices whenever needed.

Highlighting the bestsellers is crucial to ensure growth in your restaurant. Here are the top four benefits of showcasing restaurant bestsellers using QR code menu customization.

Customers’ preferences change, and so do the bestsellers in restaurants. With QR code menu software, restaurants can always change the bestsellers according to what customers like for the day, week, or month.

To showcase bestsellers better, restaurants can also place them at the top section of the QR code menu. This way, customers can see the bestsellers once they scan the QR code. Better visibility means better chances for customers to order bestsellers.

While having staple bestsellers is crucial, changing bestsellers adds value to your restaurants, helping you position yourself as a restaurant that listens to customers.

  • Easy navigation on the QR code menu

What makes a QR code menu unfriendly is the user interface. More often than not, restaurants treat a QR code menu similarly to a physical menu. However, they work very differently, especially as a QR code menu used as an online platform.

Highlighting bestsellers offers a more friendly approach to a QR code menu, as customers can easily navigate it to find something they want to eat. Further categorizations also make the QR code menu more navigable for customers who may not be as knowledgeable on online platforms.

With the proper implementation and application, a QR code menu can elevate customer experiences and convince non-techie people and the elderly to adapt to the technology, too. 

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  • Offer an opportunity to upsell and cross-sell as necessary

With the customization features of a QR code menu, restaurants can upsell and cross-sell their products as necessary. These strategies are just as important as highlighting bestsellers to guarantee customers taste your menu selections.

Upselling means introducing lesser-known products and advertising them to customers. To upsell food and beverages in the QR code menu, restaurants can highlight the products with low sales through phrases such as ‘must-try’ and ‘new dish.’

On the other hand, cross-selling refers to bundling another lesser-known item to the customer-favorite products. For example, the restaurant’s bestsellers include burgers but not so much fries and onion rings. To boost sales in these lesser-known products, bundling them together can prove to increase sales.

  • Keep up with market trends and pop culture

Highlighting bestsellers in a menu QR code is just one of the menu customization. As the design and layout can be updated live, restaurants can always keep up with market trends and pop culture in their QR code menu.

These features work exceptionally well for restaurants, whose target market is young people that also want to keep up with the trends they see on social media. Restaurants can offer holistic dining experiences that provide good food and good vibes.

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Customize your QR code menu and boost your sales!

Customizing your QR code menu isn’t simply for aesthetics, marketing strategies, and user-friendliness. The end goal of these features is to boost restaurant sales and increase investment returns.

There’s plenty of QR code menu software online, but ensure you fully commit to a plan that offers the best features. 

The great news is that some platforms offer up to a 14-day no-commitment free trial that lets restaurants try out their features before subscribing to a monthly plan.