The Fall Season Is Back, And These Trends Are Groundbreaking

Charlotte Miller

The Fall Season Is Back, And These Trends Are Groundbreaking

The sudden chill in the air is proof that the fall season is finally here, and even though most of us are still not ready to say goodbye to the beloved summer, it’s time to put away those shorts and summer dresses at the back of the closet. The warmer season will be back again, till then you can enjoy some of the most exciting things that the fall season brings about. Apart from pumpkins, Halloween, apples, corn, and leaves changing colors, one thing to look forward to during the fall/autumn season is the fall fashion trends. And since the fall season has already made a debut, fall fashion trends have hit the streets, runaways and our Instagram feeds. 

Summer is wonderful in its way, but the fall season has its charm that cannot be ignored, even if you’re a summer-loving person. So, even though you aren’t fond of the chilly weather, it doesn’t hurt to welcome the beautiful, brisk autumn season with open arms. The sudden shift in the weather calls for warmer clothes that’ll shield you from the colder air and keep you warm. It’s time to update your wardrobe with the most trendsetting clothing pieces such as sweaters, leather jackets, coats, blazers, jeans, boots, chunky loafers, and many more.

Offering an exciting take on closet staples, this year’s fall trend includes some of the most extraordinary styles. From cozy casual wear to workwear-inspired beauties, there is something to satisfy all tastes and preferences. Some of the trends include deconstructed knitwear, revamped tailoring, and leather clothing mostly in biker-style silhouettes. Furthermore, there is a saturated wave splashed through the fall fashion that hasn’t completely abandoned dresses. Moreover, the inauguration of all-in-one dressing has emerged as one of the edgiest trends to lure you into the season. Adding to the list, we have blazers and boots that are the ultimate fall fashion necessity for statement-making days. There is so much more to look forward to this fall season.

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To know more about the biggest fall fashion trends for 2022, check out the list below:

Oversized tailored blazers

Oversized tailored blazers have been in trend for some time now and look like it’s not going anywhere else soon. However, this time we’re getting to see the oversized tailored blazer in a revamped version which includes very assertive shoulders. While pairing them right can seem tricky, however, their versatility makes them a go-to clothing item that can easily work well with anything. The trick is to balance out the oversized proportions by pairing them with slim-fitting clothing items. Various designer houses have launched their most premium collection of oversized blazers in various designs and textures. There are also online stores like 6th street, offering a vast selection of tailored blazers for women. Additionally, you can also enjoy the benefit of the 6th street code, utilizing which you can make desired purchases at slashed prices.

Statement Leather

When it comes to fall fashion items that not only offer style but also edge, then statement leather clothing tops the chart. With biker jackets becoming more and more popular, especially during the fall/ autumn season, this time we can see other items in this stylish fabric. The statement piece includes leather pants, skirts, and also dresses. Moreover, a full leather look has been the main inspiration for the Fall 2022 Fashion Trend, with Bottega Veneta’s runway featuring trenches, pants, and skirts offering various looks entailing the head-to-toe statement leather. Embracing this year’s color trend, the designer house Prada also launched a fuchsia belted leather trench that has been the latest talk of the town. Considering how statement leather is luxurious and edgy, It’s no surprise that it is a style staple when it comes to fall wardrobe. They hold the potential to reboot and elevate any outfit, proposing multiple styling options.


Wrap up warm this fall/winter season with gorgeous knitwear to accompany you during the colder months. This season sees the best styles and aesthetics that are already causing havoc for their no-rules approach. Some of the popular pieces still feel familiar, like crocheted items that took the fashion industry by storm over the past few years. However, the knitwear trend is not limited to just that, it has come around showcasing a refreshing and quirky update that encourages individualism, and uniqueness. 

Be it sweaters, scarves, handbags, and hats emphasizing loud colors, patchwork elements, unique proportions, body-contouring seams, and cutouts. As oversized clothing has been in trend for some time now, this year knitted pieces have also embraced supersized essence with designer fashion houses like Louis Vuitton exhibiting head-to-toe knitted monochromic two-piece suits. The trick is to go for a slim and neat bottom if you’re opting for a maximalist knit to counteract your silhouette. You can also add a belt around your waist over the knitwear to supply it with more shape. Another trick is to belt bulky jumpers and cardigans to show off your waist. For more minimalistic options, go for classic hues such as black, grey, or navy. But, since this year’s fashion trend is knitted around maximalism, try something loud, bright, and unique.

Long Coats

Long coats are basic clothing essentials when it comes to fall/winter wardrobe. Considered an investment clothing item, long coats are versatile and timeless and can elevate any outfit. This year the runways are flooded with coats full of faux fur, stunning bright hues, and striking patterns in an assortment of cuts and contours guaranteed to uplift the most minimal outfit effortlessly. For daytime, you can opt for something in vivid color, tone down the colors, and lean towards fun prints. As caramel is having a moment, getting something in this shade will help you make an excellent fashion statement. Whether you want a faux fur coat, teddy style coat, or a trench coat, you can let the coat do the talking with statement pieces from brands such as Charlotte Simone, Burberry, Dior, Givenchy, and Shrimps. To boost the mood on dull colder days, get your hands on something in bright statement colors such as orange, vivid blue, lilac, pink, yellow, and neon green.

Statement Boots

While it is time to stock up on jeans, sweaters, and coats, the fall wardrobe is incomplete without some essentials such as statement boots. And this year, there are a bunch of styles up for grabs that will help you glam up your autumn uniform. Whether you want something that reaches a right e thigh-high number, the statement boot lineup is more exciting than ever. With boots like platform boots, Chelsea boots, flatform boots, moon boots, and skin-tight boots trends topping this year’s fall boots chart list, you might just wanna add something fresh to your closet.

Wrapping Up:

Trends come and go, however, only a handful holds the potential to stay. Make your pick and update your wardrobe with these trends. With easy access to online shopping, you can get all these trends by visiting online stores. Moreover, apart from supplying the latest fashion edit that hasn’t yet reached the offline store, you also get the benefit of discounts by using coupon codes to shop any fashion essentials online. Visit sites like and get easy access to 100% verified coupons such as Noon Discount Code, H&M promo code, Zara discount code, and many more and shop any seasonal trend at a hefty price slash.

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