Is It Okay to Trust Digital Payment Platforms Blindly for Paying Your Electricity Bills?

Albert Howard

Is It Okay to Trust Digital Payment Platforms Blindly for Paying Your Electricity Bills?

The payment system has undergone radical transformation within a few decades. A well-functioning payment system is essential to support economic growth. Hence the finance sector is trying hard to provide a convenient payment method for household and business purposes. The traditional payment method required lots of effort, energy, and time. Looking through these drawbacks, the finance sector proposed a digital payment option. Digital payment is a convenient and user-friendly approach. The best part is that it allows utility payments. Customers can settle electricity, water and mobile bills virtually within a click. 

As per a study, 85% of people are utilizing digital platforms for recurring bills, especially electricity dues. Although, every consumer searches for the answer to the same question, “can I trust digital payment platforms blindly for paying bills?” every time they recharge. In this article, let us try to seek answers to this. Read further for more details.

Can Consumers Trust Digital Platforms for Payments?

The authority makes utmost use of modern technology to enhance the safety measures of digital payment platforms. With the usage of the latest technology, risk factors have lowered. However, blind trust is not advisable. The easy solution to this problem is digital education. Digital education coaches individuals on “Do’s and Don’ts” while dealing with digital platforms. This way, consumers can ensure safety from their end and be more sure on digital payment platforms.

  • Safe Network: Avoid using the public system or Wifi network for financial transactions. The public network increases the risk of data theft. Even if the individual is busy, ensure the use of a verified Wifi source and avoid public computers for transactions. For example, a person paying a TNEB, PSPCL, or KSEB may use mobile internet for safer transactions.
  • Passwords: Digital payment platforms suggest setting extra strong passwords which are not easily decodable. Authorities repeatedly advise not to share passwords with anyone and change them periodically to avoid cyber-attack. On the chance that the account holder receives any call or SMS asking for an ATM pin or OTP, they should  inform bank authorities without fail.
  • Saving of Card Details: Most people habitually keep card details while making online transactions for ease. However, it is highly advised not to feed card details and erase the card information once the transaction is processed. Make sure to check that the card information is not stored anywhere.
  • Beware While Downloading Apps: While downloading apps from the play store or the App store, try to check reviews, the number of downloads, and verified badges. If the number is low for the following criteria, try to collect more information about the app from a trusted source before installing it. Even if it is a banking app, don’t just go by its name. Cross-check with the bank before installing and pay attention before granting app permissions.
  • Use Credit Cards: Credit cards are safer compared to debit cards. Although, one should be cautious about cash flow.
  • Private Windows for Transactions: Private browsers are the safest options for digital payments. Check HTTP in the website URL to confirm website security. 

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Merits of Using Digital Payment Platforms for Recurring Bills

There is growth in the adoption of digital payment platforms for utility payments, especially electricity bills. Following are a few plus points which have encouraged consumers to adopt the new method even after mild trust issues.

  • High-Security Measures – The authorities ensure strict security protocols. The transaction process is embedded with tight security layers. 
  • Convenience – The digital payment platforms allow the convenience of paying various bills via single media. For example, an individual using MobiKwik can settle the TNEB bill and mobile recharge on a single platform. This way, multiple logins are unnecessary and you can make payments in one place.
  • Auto Debit- People usually forget to pay recurring bills on time. These problems are solved easily with the assistance of reminders received from digital payment platforms. It also allows the convenience of “Autopay”; customers need not worry about late payment charges or due dates.

Trusted Digital Payment Platforms for Bill Payment

Properly following security measures helps people feel more confident while using digital payment platforms. Here are a few payment options suggested by authorities.

The first option is to visit official websites. People feel more secure with official websites. However, don’t forget to confirm the website address before proceeding.

The other trusted platforms are mobile wallets and UPI apps. Ensure the app’s legitimacy before use. In the case of Mobile wallets, MobiKwik is on the top list.


New inventions ease human life. However, blind trust is not advisable. Seek complete information from a trusted source before its usage. People from any location can use MobiKwik, which focuses on a customer-oriented approach. For example, consumers opting for TNEB or PSPCL can make safe payments on the same platform.

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