Best Small Business Apps you should use in 2021

Juliet D'cruz

Best Small Business Apps you should use in 2021

To make running a business easier companies small and big use applications and special software. They provide better communication options and allow to manage access to documents for every employee. In the modern age when remote work is a totally common thing, apps are just necessary. Here we are going to discuss a few Small Business Apps that may be helpful in business.

Totally remote companies like My Paper Done and traditional like local plants use one of these apps. Read the article to choose what suits best for your needs. Remember, most of them have business client plans with expanded functions.

Apps for Finance and Accounting


The app is efficient because it makes the company’s payroll and benefits processes efficient. It is perfect because it takes care of new hires and all the federal filings.


It is software that assists you in running your business. It is perfect for tracking the expenses in your businesses. You can view the financial statements, track invoices, and many more.

They have a connection to many accounts, including PayPal and business accounts. You have a chance to access QuickBooks on your phone; it doesn’t matter if you’re using an iPhone or Android.

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It gives entrepreneurs and freelancers an easy way of managing and tracking their invoices. It allows you to make personalized invoices that match your business and many more.

You can enjoy different features on Freshbooks, starting from organizing expenses and creating business reports. It is the most effective and one of the best small business apps available.


It is software designed for businesses. It can get used by sole proprietors that have a maximum of nine employees or fewer. It gives you a chance to track all the expenses, manage clients’ payments, scan receipts, and many more.

The company comes with free finance software that is effective in helping entrepreneurs manage finances.

Apps for Communication

Everyone enjoys when they can communicate so that they can manage their small businesses. There are communication apps that make companies operate smoothly.


You can manage your contacts well if you use this app. When people update their contact, the changes are extended to your device automatically. You get a chance to organize the references in any way you want.


It is enough that allows people to video call and attend online meetings. The quality of the video is pleasant, and the sound is also perfect. If you want to use it, you only have to download it, and it is simple to start using.


It sends messages to your phone and organizes them in a particular space. You get a chance to send a maximum of 7500 messages every month without paying any amount. You get to receive unlimited notifications on both Android and iOS.


It is a platform that allows you to organize your team’s messages into private channels. It is efficient because it gives you an easier time sharing PDFs, pictures, and many more fields.

Indy allows subscribers to organize day-to-day tasks, track time, send out contracts and invoices, and manage multiple projects, enabling small businesses to get productivity services at an affordable cost.


It is the best video conferencing app you can ever use. It gets known by many people and has millions of reviews. You can use the app to edit video calls or voice calls, anyone across the world.

You can be in a video call with a maximum of 25 individuals. It is fast and efficient, and the quality of the video is one to die for. If you need to have a meeting with someone in a different country, skype is the best app to use. You will not be disappointed in any way because it got you covered.

Millions of people are using the app, and there are no complaints about it. You have to ensure that your internet is fast and everything will fall into place. These were few small business apps that may be helpful in expanding your enterprise.

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