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How to register for an marriage certificate online?

India is a diverse country with multiple religions and their own cultures and traditions. Although the country accepts them, which is one of the reasons it thrives, from a marriage standpoint, there are a lot of traditions constituting a marriage. To keep all customs and religions on the same page, the Government made it mandatory to register marriages with the Sub-Divisional Magistrate. People still follow their personal customs, but from the Government point of view, only the marriage registration certificate is a valid proof of marriage.

What is the process of getting a marriage certificate?

A marriage certificate has to be received through the Sub-Divisional Magistrate which is usually handled before the marriage. Since there are multiple Sub-Divisional Magistrate offices, the registration is handled at the closest one to where the husband stays at the time of marriage. In many cases, a marriage certificate is required to organise the religious ceremony. Other than both parties being present, a couple of documents have to be submitted, and the witnesses present to register the marriage.

This process is not the most difficult but is definitely time-consuming since all the documents have to be submitted on one trip and another has to be made for the signing of these documents.

The process is now streamlined and taken to the internet making it a lot more efficient. All the required forms can be accessed on the website and have to be filled and submitted. Additionally, the website asks the couple to submit a bunch of their documents from a list also provided. You can also apply for passport online.

These are in turn processes and sent to the Sub-Divisional Magistrate. The platform acts as the middle man and even provides the couple with a date for their visit. This saves time allowing them to handle everything at their convenience.

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Post getting the date, they have to visit the office and sign the documents laid out for them. For an additional fee, they can even apply for a tatkal marriage certificate which fast tracks the  process to receive it sooner. This is usually done one of the parties has to go abroad or leave in a hurry.

What are some of the documents needed for the marriage certificate?

There are multiple documents recommended when applying for a marriage certificate but they fall under the following heads.

  1. Proof of age of the husband who has to be 21 years or
  2. Proof of age of the wife who has to be 18 years or
  3. Residential proof of where the couple will be living before or post the marriage. Multiple documents can be provided for
  4. Marriage proof which can be the invite or other documents showing the two people getting
  5. Witnesses whose names and identification have to be mentioned on the documents as well.

There should be no overlap in the documents provided for more than one of the sections. Additionally, if there are any issues with the forms or the uploaded documents, the entire application process will have to begin from scratch.

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