How to apply for passport online when under lockdown

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How to apply for passport online when under lockdown?

We are living in a time where going outdoors can get people in trouble. Multiple fines and penalties are being imposed on people who are seen out of their houses disobeying the social distancing laws and general lockdown imposed throughout the country. Although some places are relaxing the rules slightly, people are still advised to stay indoors. Here I am going to tell you how to apply passport online when under lockdown.

Travelling around is currently on hold, but with all the free time, people have begun planning their international trips for as soon as the system opens up.

Here are a couple of things that can be handled in the interim while being quarantined at home.

  • Deciding on the where, when and why
  • Coming up with the schedule and itinerary, taking into account the duration of the trip and the stops to be made.
  • Coming up with the plan is only the first part, with the paperwork for the journey being a major chunk of work.

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Applying for a passport to travel abroad

Nowadays, there are two ways people are applying for their passports. Passport application is more common through  online portal which is seeing a lot of sign-ups and applications during this lockdown. The second is the system previously used where people go to their respective passport offices.

With the quarantine, people are figuring out all that they can handle from home. This is also forcing those who generally went to the office to go to their computers and work on their passports. Necessity being the mother of invention is forcing people to use the online platform, which is now seeing more sign-ups than ever before.

How the passport website works?

The website follows the same systems as the office, the major difference being handling the entire process from home. All the applications needed for a passport are available and candidates can select the ones they need, and fill them out at their convenience.

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Additionally, they have to provide the website with their supporting documents to make sure the information mentioned on the form is accurate. They can select from a list of documents and upload the ones demanded.

All of the information provided has to be approved at the backend. This usually takes about a week. This is the toughest part of the Passport application process and takes the most amount of time if being handled at the office.

Assuming everything went well, the final step of the process is to go to the office to provide all biometric information and photographs. These are clicked there and candidates are given a date to collect their passports.

What can you do with a passport?

Other than getting your hands on a passport, a visa is needed for most travels. All countries have alliances with others, where passport holders are allowed to travel without a visa and are provided with one on landing. 

For the rest of the countries, applicants have to apply in advance and the embassy of the respective country should be willing to provide a visa.

Once all documents are ready, begin hunting down the best ticket and you can be off.

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