His gifts - how to choose the perfect custom keychain

Albert Howard

His gifts – how to choose the perfect custom keychain

 A custom-made key can be the perfect gift – for a birthday, valentine’s day, anniversary or special occasion. Don’t overlook this small but meaningful gift option – it’s even more important because you can customize it!

Choose from a wide selection of different designs

A variety of styles and designs can be chosen, from carved wooden pieces to heavy felt metal. Choose between text lines for personal text or to insert a picture. You can even design your own logo for that special someone! In this article, fashion lady will look at how to choose the perfect unique key chain for your female friend, lover or relative.

Keychains are no longer just for commercial purposes

Once the boring design of car salesmen, real estate agents and locksmiths, the key lock was a simple sign. Used as a marketing strategy for decades, you will rarely think twice about giving a key to someone special. In fact, you probably have several of these key chains around your home.

Your car dealer probably added his logo to your keychain when he delivered your new car. When you bought your new home your real estate agent may have secretly dipped it in the keys – or even proudly gifted them a quality key to you. You may not have thought twice about it, but their word is being put before you.

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A personalized keychain makes the perfect sentimental gift

Times have changed though – and you can find a whole bunch of cool designer necklaces as gifts. According to forever gifts, sales of custom keychains are on the rise. Many companies can companies such as forever gifts offer many sweet, sentimental or modern key chains. To the base structure, you can add text, logos or images. This is reinventing the way keys are used – now a personal accouterment can have a hidden message, or a visible expression of your feelings!

Your gift will stand out

You will be able to choose something that connects personally with your friend, family member or lover. Whether it’s a picture of a butterfly or a simple heart, you can have anything you want designed on the key.

This can then be given as a sweet little gift with a sentimental twist behind it. Perfect for any special occasion or unusual gift, the idea will surely be appreciated if you put your message to it. And you may think that a keyring is too small to give for something like a birthday present. In that case, it’s a good thing and an added value to throw in with a card as an accompaniment to the main one. Among tons of store-bought items, your little key is sure to make a splash and be remembered.

Get inspiration for a custom-made keychain

Here are some great examples we’ve seen of a selection of personalized keychains as gifts that forever gifts sent us from their customer request log:

  • a good friend was going to Europe. The customer chose a simple round sterling silver keychain and it had a globe engraved on it. They would have little to remind them of their friendship until they returned.
  • a man wanted a unique heart key for his wife for their wedding anniversary. She chose this unique heart shape metal photo frame keyring.
  • a female customer bought herself one of these useful and beautiful USB keys, with her children’s names on them, which she would use at work.
  • the husband knew that his wife was upset about going to university somewhere else. He got them all a key chain with a family joke written on it as a souvenir.
  • several grandchildren found the key to the lock that would open to their little smiling faces! It is a good option for many people who live across the country – or countries apart – from parents or grandparents

Our guide to choosing the perfect keychain for your girlfriend, lover or relative

Here are some tips on how to choose the perfect keychain for your loved one:

Do not use an existing design!

You can buy key chains everywhere – in stores and online. So don’t take any old, generic offering.

Think of something that makes sense to them. No need to get someone a bottle keyring if they don’t drink alcohol! Photos, text quotes of something funny that happened in the past or small etchings mean a lot.

  • Associate your unique key to a special event. Birthdays or anniversaries provide the perfect opportunity for unique designs. But, don’t forget that it will be equally important to make a random gift for someone special too!
  • don’t go for the cheap. There are many keychain companies around, but be careful. Since your keyring is an everyday item that he uses, a bad item will not last long. We’ve seen examples of stickers being blown off (and it looked a little off to begin with), the chain ending or the whole thing falling apart!
  • choose a provider that offers flexibility. So, find a company that can write for free, that can fit in multiple lines of text for that special quote, or that can customize your custom keychain design.
  • let your creativity shine! Taking each key of a female friend or lover allows you to find your creative side! Don’t give up, and go for something interesting and different.

Keychain absolute!

Now that you’ve gotten the lowdown on the different types of keys available for customization, it’s time to pick the one that’s perfect for your special someone! That’s easy. Choosing a message that makes sense to you may take you some time.

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