Download GBWhatsApp APK For Android

Juliet D'cruz

Download GBWhatsApp APK For Android – 2020

Social media and messaging applications are becoming an essential part of our lifestyle. We can’t think of life without apps like Facebook, Messenger, Instagram, and WhatsApp. WhatsApp became more famous when it comes to instant messaging. In this article, I am gonna tell you about GBWhatsapp APK.

It has more wide options like Video calling, calling, messaging, sharing images, files, videos, and many more. We rely on this app for many causes throughout the whole day. This GBWhatsapp apk contains more security options than the original one

Well, to add some fun and more features, a group of developers moded the WhatsApp and created GBWhatsapp, which took so much hype in mass. GBWhatsapp is nothing but a regular WhatsApp with some extra features added.

Also, it has not limited to sending the file as the original one has. Let’s check how you can download and install GBWhatsapp. 

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Download GBWhatsapp APK and Installation 

To download and install GBWhatsapp apk, you need to confirm one setting in your device. Many times device doesn’t allow 3rd party installation, so before installing, to ensure the below procedure. 

  • Go to the phone setting.
  • Click on the security option.
  • Turn on the unknown sources. 

How can you download GBWhatsapp APK

  • To download the GBWhatsapp apk, click on the link below. 

[su_button url=”” target=”blank” style=”soft” background=”#f25538″ size=”14″ center=”yes” title=”Download “]Download GBWhatsapp[/su_button]

  • After clicking the link, the download will get started automatically.
  • After the file downloaded, click on the GBWhatsapp apk and hit Install 
  • After installing, the flash screen of GBWhatsapp will appear in front of you. 
  • Then enter your phone number in the dialogue box. 
  • Then OTP will be sent to the number you have given. 
  • It will be verified automatically, and then you are ready to go.

GBWhatsapp Apk features

Broadcast message limit increased.

If you are sending a broadcast message in your original Whatsapp app, then that is limited. Bug using GBwhatsapp now you can post a broadcast message to 600 people, also instead of 30 images, you can send them 90 pictures at once. Isn’t it cool?

Better privacy.

This application has a lot more privacy features than the real app. You can show yourself offline while you are enjoying the app freely. You can easily hide your seen, double tick, single tick, and typing and recording status. You can also protect yourself from the situation seen the option. 

Customization option

Well, the Whatsapp interface is easy to use but a little bit boring. Isn’t it? But using GBwhatsapp now, you can change the font, color, theme of the WhatsApp anytime. You can download the GBwhatsapp themes, and you are ready to go, a more personalizing interface.

Message Scheduler

This one is the most crucial feature which GBwhatsapp has. Forgetting someone special’s birthday will be embarrassing. But GBwhatsapp came to the rescue. You can easily schedule messages using thee message scheduler feature.

Message Anti-Revoke

Many people use the delete for all options and delete the message, images, whatever they send. But it keeps our curios. That’s why anti-revoke. Its features block the senders remove for all options.

GB WhatsApp Alternative:

FM WhatsApp is another one of the most famous WhatsApp Mods, which has quite similar features. The application is developed by the team Fouad Mods. This application also lets you customize your WhatsApp from the collection of thousands of themes. In case you are looking for the alternative of GBWhatsApp, then this application is perfect for you.


There are many other features available. GBwhatsapp is a perfect app; you can download the app you are looking for a secondary Whatsapp. If you have any issues with the download link, then mail us. We will provide a regular update of GBWhatsapp.

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