Affiliate Marketing

Juliet D'cruz

Affiliate Marketing: How to make good cash online : 2020

As a blogger, you must have come across this term. This is one of the easiest ways to earn cool cash online, though there is more to it than that. People confuse affiliate marketing with back-linking and these are totally different. Here is how to monetize your blog using affiliate marketing.

What is Affiliate Marketing?

Affiliate marketing is a type of marketing process whereby an online retailer pays a website a commission for an advertisement based on traffic or sales. What actually occurs is that the goods or services rendered by an online seller are being displayed on a website and the owner of the website earns a commission, haven accepted some terms and policies of the seller.

Is it Legal?

Yes, it is 100% legal as long as the goods being marketed are not against the law. The reason for this is for bloggers to promote various businesses in such a way that readers see the need to get those products in-store. 

You have to tell the audience upfront that your posts may contain affiliate links. Different companies make use of different payout options including PayPal and Payoneer. The blogger is given the leverage of deciding the brands or products to promote. With this, the blogger can decide the exact products that fit into the category of the blog. So yes, affiliate marketing is totally legal.

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How to use Affiliate Marketing

Honestly, affiliate marketing is more easy to use than Google Adsense. Many bloggers prefer this medium of making money because it does not really affect posts or it does not slow down the site. Most people do not like Google Adsense due to its pop-ups. Nonetheless, both are very useful. There are essential things you need to know about affiliate marketing.

  • The Affiliate Website
  • Affiliate Network
  • The Buyer
  • Your Commission

The Affiliate Website

The owner of the blog or website where the products will be promoted is known as the affiliate. Most likely, you can be an affiliate. Here is how to start:

  1. Purchase a domain name from any hosting site such as the popular GoDaddy or other sites like Ionos and Bluehost,
  2. Connect your domain name to WordPress or Blogger,
  3. Create or purchase a beautiful template for your blog or website based on the niche you want to work with,
  4. Create two to five posts for a start,
  5. Register/Login to an affiliate website,
  6. Click on the “buy now” link of the product you want to promote,
  7. Copy the link address and download the picture of the product,
  8. Make a post or product review and attach the link of the product to your ‘buy now’ button on your blog.

Mind you, some affiliate website gives room for promoting banners in different sizes. Watch this YouTube video for more details.

The Affiliate Network

Fortunately, many affiliate marketing website offers their affiliate marketing programs. Popular brands like Amazon offer their affiliate program. Companies like Awin host a lot of brands and affiliate programs for bloggers to choose from. Affiliate networks are responsible for creating unique links that can be tracked so that any purchases through those links will warrant commission for the promoter(s).

This network usually monitors the number of clicks and sales, so the more hits you get, the better. Hence, you need to attach your links in more places on your blog. Different sites work differently, so it is expected to make research and know their terms and conditions before launching into any of them.

The Buyer

The process is not different from the main process of going to the website to make purchases. Many people think they pay more when they use affiliate links to purchase products, but that is not correct.

You have just read through a post and decided to make some purchases, the product easily leads you to the website and you make the necessary purchases. You can see why bloggers make use of affiliate marketing?

Your Commission

This is based on the agreement between you and the website have agreed on. In some cases, it might be a voucher, a gift card or it can be in the form of cash. Most bloggers connect their account to a bank account for withdrawal. Most times a bank account on PayPal or Payoneer is required for online transactions. This is a good medium to backup your income.

How much can you earn by Affiliate Marketing?

The amount of money one earns from affiliate marketing usually varies. You need to have much engagement on your blog and you need to know the needs that are on the high rise based on that period or season.

Aside from that, you need to make your blog attractive by creating loaded contents and getting people to read it. This would be easy for the audience to click your affiliate links and make purchases. 

It is important to know that the more expensive a product is, the greater your commission. But, people are very selective. Rather than focus on more expensive products to promote, also promote cheaper products for those who cannot afford expensive products for gifting. Some brands pay by the number of clicks, while most brands prefer to pay the marketers a soon as any purchase is made through their links.

Most popular affiliate websites that you need to join

Many affiliate networks are available today. You are better off joining one or two rather than joining a whole lot. These are a few affiliate website you can work with in order to earn cool cash online:

  • Amazon associates
  • eBay Partner network
  • Awin
  • Etsy

These sites include many products for sale ranging from digital products like ebooks, blog templates, animations, etc. and products that are handy.


Decide on the niche to work with and start advertising. I hope this post has helped you understand the importance of affiliate marketing and how to go about it?

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