Discover five free courses for online traders in India

Juliet D'cruz

Discover five free courses for online traders in India

Free Online Trading Courses in India

Are you thinking of becoming an online trader? In India, this segment is booming. Over 15 million people buy and sell financial assets on the internet globally. Forex trading is accessible to anyone with online access and a little capital — you can open a live account with as little as $10! But how should you make decisions?

Discover popular courses that will help you develop financial acumen. They are free, easily accessible, and suitable for the needs of market newbies. Use all five to gain a solid theoretical foundation and apply it to demo trades.

  1. Beginner’s Guide to Stock Terminology — Udemy

As the name suggests, this course is designed for those who are only planning to enter the stock exchange. You will learn about the meaning of all key buzzwords and basic terms. The course teaches novices about common investment protocols and price fluctuations.

Overall, this is a great choice for anyone who wants to grasp the fundamentals. For those who have never worked in trading, it is an absolute must. If you have experience working with other instruments — for example, currencies or CFDs via Forextime, it is still worth taking. While most financial instruments follow a similar logic, there are important distinctions that can make or break your trading career.

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  1. Investing Basics for Millennials — Skillshare

Another room fundamental course useful for Forextime clients, Investing Basics for Millennials teaches the key concepts in a fun and engaging way. It is also one of the easiest guidelines you can find on the internet. The content is divided into five sections, each devoted to one topic. You will learn about the essentials, such as compound interest and risk reward. The course ends with a case study for a deeper practical understanding of the terms.

  1. Investing Master Class — Wealthsimple

This series of 10 brief videos will take just 45 minutes of your time. It was created by an internet-based investment management service. The purpose is to help viewers create a solid foundation for investment activities. Improve your financial future with some time-tested advice from experts.

The course touches upon many vital concepts, such as automated finances and the accumulation of wealth before retiring from the market. Importantly, it is totally jargon-free. While it may not turn you into a “financial genius” as the advertisement promises, the value is still undeniable. This is a perfect solution for users with shorter attention spans.

  1. Beginner’s Guide To Investing In Asian Stock Markets — Udemy

Do not let the title deter you — this course is not entirely devoted to Asian shares. In the process, you will learn to read financial statements to evaluate and compare stocks, collate data about the shares and analyse other information. The overview of proper verticals and methods is invaluable.

  1. How To Profit From Stock Market Volatility — Udemy

The stock market may get extremely turbulent, particularly during economic or political unrest. This is when fear and panic cause terrible decisions. Learn to think rationally in the most erratic times.

Any trader should have a strategy for unexpected circumstances, which makes this brief course so important. It will teach you to manage risks in the most uncertain periods. Impulsive trades are dangerous, and everyone must learn to manage their emotions early on.

Education Never Stops

The internet offers a plethora of free content for traders in any realm, from currencies to derivatives. Use our tips as your starting point, as these courses are guaranteed to bring value. They have a clear structure, and the concepts they cover are crucial for any aspiring market participant. However, this is only the beginning.

In online trading, learning is incessant. All markets are ever-changing, and you should be adaptable to keep up with the trends. Therefore, education does not stop after two or three courses. After learning the basics, move on to more advanced material, and keep on gaining new knowledge.

Keep enriching your theory and practice. For example, Forex traders should try different strategies to pick the winning system. Should you take up scalping, day trading or swing trading? What are the drivers behind your chosen currency pair, and why does it fluctuate? How can you minimize potential losses? Trading is a multifaceted activity, and it requires an agile mind.

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