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Cedar Rapids car accident: 5 reasons to hire an attorney

On-road mishaps are not uncommon in Iowa, and a considerable number of auto accidents are reported from Cedar Rapids alone. Immediately after an accident, you may have many questions on your mind – Can I seek compensation for my injuries? I could have been at fault, but will that impact my settlement? Do I need to lawyer up? 

Firstly, hiring an attorney is not mandatory to file an insurance claim with the other party’s insurer. However, there are many advantages of hiring a Cedar Rapids car accident lawyer. We have enlisted the top five reasons below. 

  1. You are partly to blame. Iowa is a modified comparative fault state. Your fault determines whether you can sue the other at-fault driver and what you get from a settlement (if you win). Even when you are at a minor fault, the insurance company can use this against you. You can file a lawsuit when your fault is minor. Talk to an attorney to know your legal options. 
  2. You need expertise. A personal injury lawyer knows everything about the law, local courts, judges, and prosecutors. Without experience, you may not know what your car accident claim is worth. Get an attorney on your side to make the most of their expertise and proficiency. 
  3. There is no clarity on liability. Some car accidents are complex, especially when multiple drivers or vehicles are involved. If there is no clarity on fault or liability, you may have a hard time with your claim. These are some circumstances when you definitely need to lawyer up. 
  4. You need assistance to deal with the claims adjuster. It is a known secret that insurance companies do not care about claimants and victims. The claims adjuster may try to pin the blame or may deny your claim for unusual reasons. If you have no clarity on dealing with the claims adjuster, let the attorney take over. 
  5. Your case is likely to go to trial. Most car accident cases don’t need a trial. Going to court is an expensive option but often essential too. If your claim has been denied, or when the insurance offer is too low, your lawyer can file a civil lawsuit and argue on your behalf at trial. 

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Now that you know the reasons, call an attorney immediately. Top law firms in Cedar Rapids will be happy to share a free assessment of your case. Also, most lawyers don’t charge an upfront fee. 

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