Best ways to add gold to your investment portfolio

Juliet D'cruz

Best ways to add gold to your investment portfolio

Why gold?

When choosing an asset class, there’s a lot to consider. Gold is one of the precious metals investors like to include in their portfolio due to its non-correlation with other assets and immunity to inflation. So you might be asking yourself: “How much of my portfolio should be invested in physical gold?”

After all, if you don’t invest enough in gold you might not achieve your desired aim. However, if you invest too much then your portfolio will suffer from reduced diversification. You can look up 916 gold rate today Bangalore or Chennai but despite keeping track of the prices the problem is that it can be challenging to decide on the correct allocation for gold yourself. Every investor has varying requirements and risks tolerance levels which makes the decision that much harder. This is why we’ve decided to compile a list of general gold allocation estimates for investors who are unsure about how much of their portfolio to allocate to gold and make space for other assets.

How much should you invest in gold?

Most investors don’t know how much of their portfolio they should invest in gold. Well, there is no right answer to this question because it depends on your risk tolerance and financial goals. But we can give you some general rules of thumb to help you make an informed decision.

If you are a conservative investor, an allocation of 2-5% in gold is generally recommended. If you have a moderate risk tolerance, then a 5-10% allocation in gold might be appropriate. And if you are aggressive, then an allocation of 10-25% might be appropriate for your portfolio. So before investing you should check out today’s gold rate in Mumbai or the city you are interested in and then decide to invest accordingly.

The allocation of your portfolio can make or break you as an investor. After all, choosing the wrong assets can jeopardize your entire investment strategy.

However, the right selection can propel you towards a more secure and stable financial future. In order to make it more likely that you’ll choose the right ones, here are some general guidelines on how much gold to hold in your portfolio:

It’s important to note that many investors tend to be underweight in gold for several reasons. Some feel that the asset doesn’t provide any income or dividends, while others are concerned about its short-term price volatility. But what they often overlook is the fact that while gold isn’t traditionally held as a profit-generating investment, it can help increase long-term returns and reduce risk when properly allocated in a portfolio.

So if you don’t already have gold as part of your portfolio, consider adding it today!

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How to invest in the Right Form of Gold?

Now that we’ve discussed how much of your portfolio should be invested in gold, we want to talk about the right form of gold. The following are the recommended form and allocation guidelines for gold:

  1. Gold in its physical form: This includes bullion bars, bullion coins, commemorative coins and numismatic coins. You should place 5-10% of your portfolio here.
  2. Gold Exchange-Traded Funds (ETFs): If you’re looking to invest in ETFs we recommend you put 20-30% of your portfolio here.
  3. Gold Mutual Funds: You should place 5-10% of your portfolio in gold mutual funds.
  4. Junior Gold Stocks: If you’re looking to invest in junior gold stocks, we recommend you put 10-20% of your portfolio here.

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