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What Will Happen If I Miss Brushing My Teeth in 5 Days?

You worked late into the night and by the time you get home after midnight; you change into pajamas and go to bed right away. You are exhausted and you find it strenuous to brush your teeth. How bad is it if you skip brushing your teeth and sleep anyway? And what about if you don’t brush for up to 5 consecutive days?

Skipping brushing is inviting plague into your mouth

Remember that anytime you skip brushing teeth, you invite plague into your mouth. This is because saliva combines with small food particles or debris to cause plague. With time, if this plague is not removed it hardens to form tartar. With plague and tartar in your mouth, you suffer from inflammation, irritation as well as bleeding of the gums. Dental decay, which is also known as cavities, starts forming. Gum disease may also strike, and this may lead to a complete or partial loss of the supporting gum and bone which hold the teeth firmly in place. The result eventually is loss of teeth.

Brushing twice a day is recommended

This is the reason why brushing your teeth every day is of great importance. Also, other than trying your best to brush your teeth twice, you should brush correctly as this helps to clear food particles and plaque before it starts making your teeth decay. 

Also, while brushing, it’s recommended to use the correct products. A high-quality toothbrush that has soft bristles makes a great choice and helps to ensure that all food particles and dirt are removed from your teeth. Moreover, you need high-quality toothpaste that has active ingredients. Have an extra toothbrush just in case because the negative effects of missing toothbrush can have detrimental results.

Fortunately, there are many choices that have fluoride or hydrogen peroxide as part of the active ingredients and you can rest assured that you can use it and achieve perfect results. Dentists recommended toothpaste helps to re-harden and also strengthen your enamel while also fighting against the effects of corrosion of your enamel.

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Sugar combines with bacteria to create acid 

Saliva that is in your mouth combines with sugar, which then gets broken down to create an acid. This acid, if not removed, starts to damage the enamel, which is the outer cover of your teeth. If urgent care is not taken, this can lead to holes that are known as cavities. Other than cavities, there is a risk of developing serious dental diseases such as periodontal disease and bone loss. 

Avoid dental problems through brushing and flossing

Forget about asking what may happen if you don’t brush for 5 days. A day of not brushing is enough to cause you serious dangers. Dentists recommend brushing twice a day, and also are sure to floss regularly. Rinsing with fluoride should also be part of your everyday routine. Skipping brushing is quite bad, and can be the beginning of dental problems. Make brushing every day your routine and you will avoid many dental problems

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