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What Is Viscous Force?

Are you curious to know what is viscous force? You have come to the right place as I am going to tell you everything about viscous force in a very simple explanation. Without further discussion let’s begin to know what is viscous force?

In the fascinating study of fluid dynamics, the concept of viscous force takes center stage. This article aims to provide a detailed exploration of what viscous force is, its implications in fluids, the factors influencing it, and real-world examples to elucidate its significance.

What Is Viscous Force?

Viscous force, in the context of fluids, refers to the resistance experienced by a fluid as it flows past or through a solid surface. It is a result of the internal friction between adjacent layers of fluid, leading to a resistance force that opposes the motion.

Viscous Force Formula:

The viscous force can be mathematically expressed using Newton’s Law of Viscosity. The formula is given by:



  • Fviscous is the viscous force,
  • η is the dynamic viscosity of the fluid,
  • A is the area of the surface,
  • Δv is the velocity gradient, and
  • Δx is the distance between the fluid layers.

What Is Viscous Force Class 12:

In Class 12 physics, students delve into the complexities of fluid dynamics, including the concept of viscous force. Understanding this force is crucial for comprehending the behavior of fluids in various scenarios, such as flow through pipes or over surfaces.

Viscous Force Example:

Consider the flow of honey through a narrow nozzle. The viscous force in this scenario is evident as the honey encounters resistance due to the internal friction between its layers. This example illustrates how viscous force plays a role in different fluid flow situations.

Viscous Force Depends On:

  • Nature of the Fluid: The viscosity of a fluid, represented by η, is a crucial factor. High-viscosity fluids, like honey, experience more viscous force than low-viscosity fluids, like water.
  • Velocity Gradient: The rate at which the velocity of the fluid changes across its layers (Δv/Δx) influences the viscous force. A higher gradient results in increased viscous force.
  • Surface Area: The area of the surface in contact with the fluid also affects viscous force. A larger surface area leads to a greater viscous force.

Viscous Force In Air:

While we often associate viscous force with liquids, it also plays a role in gases, including air. In aerodynamics, the viscous force contributes to the drag experienced by objects moving through the air. This is a crucial consideration in designing aircraft and optimizing fuel efficiency.

Viscous Force Direction:

The direction of the viscous force is always opposite to the direction of the fluid flow. This opposition is a result of the internal friction between the fluid layers, causing resistance to motion.

What Is Viscous Force In Hindi:

दृद्ध बल (Viscous Force) उस विरासत में है जहां एक द्रव्य या एक गैस एक स्थिर सतह से बहता है और इसे आत्मिक घर्षण के कारण एक अंतर्निहित आंतरिक बल का सामना करता है।


In the dynamic world of fluid mechanics, understanding viscous force is crucial for engineers, physicists, and anyone intrigued by the behavior of liquids and gases. By comprehending its formula, factors influencing it, and real-world applications, one gains valuable insights into the intricacies of fluid dynamics.


What Is Viscous Force In Simple Words?

The Viscous force is defined as the internal or resistance force that is given by the fluid when it is highly subjected to the greatest tangible forces on the shear and surfaces. The particles of the flow of molecules near the surface area adhere to it.

What Is The Formula For Viscous Force Class 11?

Viscous force acting on a body is given byF=6πηrv here r is radius v is velocity.

What Is Inertial Force And Viscous Force?

inertia force/viscous force = ρu.uD/ µ.u. Viscous force tends to keep the layers moving smoothly one over the other. Inertia forces tend to move the particles away from the layer. When viscous force are sufficiently high so that any disturbance is smoothed down, laminar flow prevails in pipes.

What Is This Viscous?

A fluidwith large viscosity resists motion because its molecular makeup gives it a lot of internal friction. A fluid with low viscosity flows easily because its molecular makeup results in very little friction when it is in motion.

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