What is the process for securing internships in sport management at W88?

Albert Howard

What is the process for securing internships in sport management at W88?

W88 realizes that It’s a sad fact of life that persons who are already employed are more likely than not to be offered new opportunities. So, how does one go about getting their first job, especially if they have no prior experience in the field?

The best ways to get over that hump are through internships. In order to graduate with work experience on your CV, you need to do internships while you are still in school. When looking for internships in sports management, keep the following W88’s tips in mind.

Don’t Be Afraid of Not Being an Expert

The companies that are seeking interns like W88 are aware that the people who are interested are likely to be students with a wide range of backgrounds. There are no better times than now to apply for this opportunity. A sports management internship ad of W88mobi in early 2021, for example, requested the following:

“A business, recreation, or physical education major who wants to work in sports operations is encouraged to apply for this position. Evening and weekend hours are required for the internship.

  • Sport management, physical education, or recreation management degrees
  • 30 hours a week of office time and on-site leagues/events are required.
  • Outgoing and eager to meet new people, this person has a friendly demeanor.
  • Participation in sports and recreational pursuits
  • Ex-officiating/umpiring experience in baseball and/or softball is preferred.
  • A vehicle must be readily available (mileage reimbursed)
  • Possession of a current, valid driver’s license”

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A more open-ended list of desired characteristics appeared in another W88’s posting:

“Those interested in a career in recreation, athletics, sports management, or event organizing are encouraged to apply for the Sports Management Internship.

  • a high level of emotional intelligence
  • Organizational abilities and attention to detail
  • Ability to deliver on company values and keep high levels of customer service
  • Telephone etiquette that is kind and open-minded
  • Possessing the ability to multitask in a time-constrained setting
  • a strong desire to participate in or watch sports”

A crucial conclusion from this article is that, if you’re just starting out in sport administration, you’re exactly what W88 sport management, which is managing private equity funds and leading professional sports executives have long been part of the W88 Mobi team’s repertoire looking for.

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