What is the new banker's verification letter format?

Juliet D'cruz

What is the new banker’s verification letter format?

The bank verification letter is an important document if an individual wants to offer a confirmation about their identity or the authorised signatory. As per the accounting rules, a verification letter is required when a credit or debit note is issued. Learn about these rules of accounting in detail over here. The individual or the bank account holder writes the manager or bank authority a verification letter along with all the required details and documents. The letter is then verified by the person in the bank who has an equal rank as the bank manager. The verification process is done through an emulator. The letter needs to be submitted in the hard copy, however, there are a few banks that consider the soft copy too. The bank account holder must ensure that the letter format is up to date according to the new laws or standards if they want their letter to be accepted.

What is the banker’s verification letter format?

Account-holders can write the letter in handwritten form as well through the soft copy method. People can also download various templates available on the internet and can type their details in the same. The format of the letter is an essential component. If the format does not match the current standards, you may have to apply again with the correct format. Here is the new format of writing a verification letter-

To whomsoever, it may concern

Sir(Greet the recipient),

  • This is to confirm that, name of the individual/business/organization, the business/individual/organization’s address is our regular consumer and is maintaining an account with us from (date of opening the institution)
  • Their creditworthiness, address, and PAN details are verified and recorded with us.
  • Branch name with IFSC number
  • Bank name and address
  • Signature of the banker with seal.
  • Date
  • Place
  • Name
  • Designation

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Here are a few things you should keep in mind before writing a verification letter-

  • The letterhead is not used if an individual is writing the letter. On the other hand, organizations need to write their official letterheads is a must.
  • The bank manager is addressed before and the address of the bank comes after the same.
  • Next comes the subject- “Request for signature verification”
  • Next comes the content of the letter where the individual/organization need to request the bank to provide you with a verification letter. The main content of the letter consists of the details such as IFSC code, account details, branch details, mobile number, account type, etc. to provide the bank with a clear identity.

In case anything is unclear, about the format of banker’s verification letter visit here. There are high chances that if the letter format is not up to current industry standards, your application request may be rejected. In case you want to get a verification letter from the bank, you need to start the application procedure as soon as possible. The verification process may take a few days to get completed since every detail in the application is checked thoroughly by the officials.

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