What Is Lookout Notice

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What Is Lookout Notice?

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In the realm of law enforcement and criminal investigations, international cooperation plays a crucial role in apprehending suspects and preventing them from fleeing justice across borders. A Lookout Notice is a powerful tool used by law enforcement agencies worldwide to track and monitor individuals who are wanted in connection with criminal offenses. In this blog, we will delve into the concept of Lookout Notices, their purpose, and the significance of this mechanism in promoting global security and collaboration.

What Is Lookout Notice?

A Lookout Notice is an official communication issued by a law enforcement agency or an Interpol National Central Bureau (NCB) to alert border control authorities, immigration agencies, and airports about individuals who are wanted in connection with a criminal case. The notice serves as a request to detain or monitor the movements of the individual in question, thereby preventing them from escaping the jurisdiction or crossing international borders unnoticed.

Purpose And Use Of Lookout Notices

The primary objectives of Lookout Notices are as follows:

  1. Tracking Fugitives: Lookout Notices are crucial in tracking and apprehending fugitives who are attempting to evade justice by fleeing to other countries.
  2. Preventing Entry and Exit: The notice serves as a preventive measure, ensuring that suspects do not leave or enter a country unnoticed.
  3. Aiding International Cooperation: Lookout Notices facilitate collaboration among law enforcement agencies worldwide, enabling them to share information and coordinate efforts to apprehend criminals with transnational links.
  4. Fighting Organized Crime: In cases of organized crime and terrorism, Lookout Notices are instrumental in identifying and locating suspects involved in such activities.

Issuing And Handling Of Lookout Notices

  1. Domestic Lookout Notice: Issued within a country, a domestic Lookout Notice alerts law enforcement agencies within the nation about a wanted individual’s details and is used to prevent them from escaping.
  2. Interpol Lookout Notice: Interpol, the International Criminal Police Organization, issues international Lookout Notices called Red Notices. Red Notices are circulated to all member countries and are an essential tool in tracking international fugitives.

Challenges And Considerations

While Lookout Notices are valuable tools, they also come with certain challenges and considerations:

  1. Accuracy and Accountability: Ensuring the accuracy of information in Lookout Notices is crucial to prevent wrongful detentions or delays for innocent individuals.
  2. National Sovereignty: Some countries may be reluctant to act on Lookout Notices if they perceive them as infringing upon their sovereignty or human rights.
  3. Data Protection: Ensuring data protection and privacy while sharing sensitive information across borders is a complex issue.


Lookout Notices are vital instruments in international law enforcement efforts to track and apprehend criminals with cross-border movements. By facilitating collaboration between law enforcement agencies worldwide, Lookout Notices strengthen global security and deter individuals from evading justice by seeking refuge in other countries. Despite the challenges they may pose, the use of Lookout Notices demonstrates the power of international cooperation in the pursuit of justice and the maintenance of law and order on a global scale. As technology and information-sharing mechanisms advance, Lookout Notices will continue to play a significant role in ensuring the swift and effective apprehension of criminals across borders, contributing to a safer and more secure world.


What Is The Meaning Of Lookout Notice In India?

Look out circular (LOC) is a circular letter used by authorities in India to check whether a traveling person is wanted by the police. It may be used at immigration checks at international borders such as international airports or sea ports.

How Can I Check My Lookout Notice In India?

How to check if there is a Look Out Notice/Circular

  1. Local Police Stations where an FIR is registered.
  2. Immigration Authorities/FRRO.
  3. Trail Court records if the LOC is issued by trail court.
  4. Investigation agency like CBI/ED if they have registered a case.

Who Issues The Look Out Notice In India?

the Ministry of Home Affairs

The basic guidelines (regarding the publication of the LOCs in relation to Indian citizens) are issued by the Ministry of Home Affairs (MHA). If the immigration officers of a country have Lookout Circular against any absconding offender then the absconding person can be nabbed by the officer.

What Type Of Word Is Lookout?

Lookout is a noun. It mainly refers to (1) one who keeps watch, (2) the act of keeping watch, and (3) a high place used to observe a wide area. To be on the lookout is to be on guard or to watch for something. The word occasionally functions as an adjective as well, as in phrases such as lookout tower.

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