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What Is Form 13 In PF?

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Form 13 in the realm of Employee Provident Fund (EPF) is a significant document that holds relevance in facilitating the transfer of an individual’s provident fund (PF) accumulation from one employer to another. This form, titled ‘Form 13 – Application for Transfer of EPF Account,’ plays a crucial role in ensuring the seamless movement of accumulated PF funds when an employee switches jobs.

What Is Form 13 In PF?

Form 13 serves as a transfer request initiated by an employee who wishes to transfer their EPF accumulation from their previous employer to the current employer. The primary aim is to consolidate all PF contributions into a single account, ensuring continuity and ease of management for the employee.

Key Information And Sections

  • Personal Details: The form requires personal information such as the employee’s name, PF account number, Universal Account Number (UAN), current employer details, and previous employer details.
  • EPF Details: It includes details of the EPF account(s) from the previous employer, specifying the account numbers, accumulated balance, and other relevant information.
  • Declaration: The employee needs to sign a declaration confirming the authenticity of the information provided and the request for PF transfer.

Process And Submission

  • Completion: The employee must fill out Form 13 accurately, ensuring all information is up-to-date and correct.
  • Submission: The completed form is submitted to the HR or finance department of the current employer.
  • Verification and Processing: The employer verifies the details provided and forwards Form 13 to the respective EPF regional office for processing the transfer.
  • Transfer Confirmation: Once processed, the EPF office facilitates the transfer of accumulated funds from the previous PF account to the current account. The employee receives confirmation of the transfer.

Importance And Benefits

  • Consolidation of Funds: Form 13 aids in consolidating all PF contributions into a single account, streamlining the management of PF funds for the employee.
  • Continuous Savings: It ensures continuity in the employee’s savings and benefits under the EPF scheme, avoiding fragmentation of PF accounts.
  • Simplified Tracking: With consolidated funds, tracking contributions, interest earned, and withdrawals becomes simpler for the employee.

Challenges And Considerations

  • Timely Processing: Delays in the processing of Form 13 can affect the timely transfer of PF funds, impacting the employee’s savings.
  • Verification Issues: Incorrect or mismatched information might lead to complications or delays in the transfer process.


Form 13 in EPF stands as a crucial document enabling the seamless transfer of provident fund accumulations, ensuring the uninterrupted growth and management of an employee’s savings. Its proper completion and timely submission facilitate the consolidation of PF accounts, providing employees with a streamlined approach to managing their retirement savings. Understanding the significance of Form 13 empowers employees to navigate PF transfers efficiently, ensuring their financial security and well-being in the long run.


How Do I Claim Form 13?

The printable Transfer Claim Form (Form-13) can be saved in the system. The member has to take a printout of the printable PDF file of Form 13, sign it and submit it to the employer chosen by the member to complete the process of claim submission by the member.

Why Is Form 13 Used?

This is required when a member from one establishment moves to/ joins another establishment covered under the EPF Scheme. A registered member can view details of only one account under one establishment. To transfer the previous account details and the fund balance to the new account, this Form has to be furnished.

Is It Mandatory To Submit Form 13?

Yes. Form 13 is mandatory for the transfer of PF from one account to another.

What Is PF Account Number In Form 13?

The PF account number generated by your old employer. UAN. Name and address of your previous employer. Joining and leaving date of your last employment. Name and address of the regional PF office where the account is held.

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