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What Is Coach ID In IRCTC?

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What Is Coach ID In IRCTC?

The Indian Railways is one of the largest and busiest railway networks in the world, catering to millions of passengers daily. To ensure a smooth and organized travel experience, the Indian Railways employs various systems and technologies, one of which is the Coach ID. In this blog, we’ll explore what a Coach ID is in the context of IRCTC (Indian Railway Catering and Tourism Corporation), its significance, and how it enhances the railway travel experience.

Understanding The Coach ID

A Coach ID, often referred to as a Coach Number or Coach Code, is a unique identifier assigned to each passenger coach (railcar) in a train. It is used to denote the specific coach in which a passenger has reserved a seat or berth. The Coach ID is a combination of letters and numbers and is displayed prominently on the outside and inside of each coach.

Key Components Of A Coach ID:

  1. Alphanumeric Code: A typical Coach ID consists of both letters and numbers, such as “A1,” “S2,” or “B4.”
  2. Position: The Coach ID also indicates the position of the coach within the train. For example, “A1” might indicate the first coach, “S2” the second sleeper coach, and so on.
  3. Class: In some cases, the Coach ID may include a letter denoting the class of service, such as “A” for AC (Air-Conditioned) or “S” for Sleeper.

Significance Of Coach IDs In IRCTC:

  1. Seat/berth Allocation: When passengers book their train tickets through IRCTC, they are assigned specific seat or berth numbers within a coach. The Coach ID helps them locate their designated coach easily.
  2. Boarding and Deboarding: Passengers can use the Coach ID to find their coach on the platform before the train’s arrival, making the boarding process smoother and less hectic.
  3. Safety and Security: In the event of an emergency or an incident, the Coach ID helps railway authorities quickly identify and address issues within a specific coach.
  4. Catering and Services: On long-distance trains, catering services and onboard amenities are often provided based on the Coach ID. Passengers can locate the dining car or other service areas easily.

How To Find Your Coach ID:

  1. E-ticket: Passengers booking e-tickets through IRCTC can find their Coach ID on the e-ticket itself. It is usually mentioned next to the seat or berth number.
  2. Physical Ticket: If you have a physical ticket, the Coach ID is printed on it, often near the top.
  3. Station Display: At railway stations, electronic display boards and announcements typically include information about the Coach ID and its position on the platform.


The Coach ID in IRCTC is a vital element of the railway travel experience in India. It streamlines the boarding process, ensures passenger safety, and helps passengers locate their designated coaches quickly and efficiently. By providing this essential information, the Indian Railways and IRCTC enhance the convenience and comfort of train journeys for millions of travelers each year. So, the next time you book a train ticket, pay attention to your Coach ID—it’s your key to a smooth and enjoyable ride on India’s extensive railway network.


How Can I Know My Coach Number In IRCTC?

If you cannot find your coach number on the train ticket, don\’t worry. Check the coach position chart at the station or use online services or the enquiry number 139 to find it.

What Is Coach Number On Train Ticket?

1A : First class air-conditioned – Coaches are numbered H1, H2, HA1, HA2, HB1, HB2 etc. 3A : Air-conditioned 3-tier sleeper – Coaches are numbered B1, B2, B3, B4, B5 etc. 3E : Economy 3 tier Air conditioned Sleeper found only in Durunto – Coaches are numbered 3E1, 3E2, 3E3 etc.

What Is Coach Number And Berth Number?

In case Of Indian Railways, examples of coaches are S1,S2,A1,etc. A berth is that particular seat which is alloted to you for your journey like UB( Upper Berth), LB(Lower Berth) and MB(Middle Berth), Side Lower Berth and Side Upper Berth among others.

Is Coach Number Written On Train?

From the number written on a coach, one can know about its year of manufacturing. All of us must have noticed a four, five and six-digit number printed on a train coach. Have you ever asked yourself what this number indicates? In fact, this number provides vital information about the train that a passenger should know.

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