Top 3 Reputed mobile Apps development companies

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Top 3 Reputed mobile Apps development companies

Apps being an essential part of our life. We all get to see more and more of smartphone taking up PC. Most of our PC works could be quickly done with the phone. So why to carry a heavy laptop around. That’s where the real deal catches fire. This has led to enormous opportunities for developers, startups, and even for huge firms. Everyone is now a lot more focused on the app for their business or project. You can take an example of your own, and you can do 70-80% of your daily work from your phone unless you work with any importable software.

Still, we can observe that how big the market has grown within a few years. With every passing minute, there is another new app set up for the market. This is important to know why the apps are a huge opportunity. Where and how to find the right place to start up.

If you don’t know how to code, which most of us don’t. Then there is no need to worry for it, and you can still get the job done to have a mindset ready for spending and giving the job to the right person. This will depend on your budget for sure and the features you want. The better the quality, the more you need to invest.

Here we are going to tell you about the most prominent app developers. These companies surely make millions a year, but you cannot even neglect the hard work they put in it.

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Find the company offline:

It is always preferred to buy a thing when you have had a physical view of the item. If you are going for a huge app development project and need to be a bit sure that your money won’t go away, then you might visit your locality if you are living in one of these following places. We prefer you to do so so that you can have trust in the company before giving them a project. No can deny the fact that physical experiences are far better than the virtual ones.

To find the right firm, you need to look up to the places where these works go on viz the app development hubs around the globe:


With the increasing scope of development business getting stronger, China is getting ready to grab the opportunity. Many international reports suggested that the world may see Beijing and Shanghai as the next leading tech hub of the future. With the departure of Google from China, it left a huge window for the new firms. We have seen massive growth in apps like WeChat,tap tap and many more to count. These all were developed here only.

Los Angeles

This the next tech hub of the list. There is no denial to the fact that Los Angeles has a firm grip over its place and serves as a powerful tech hub. The companies there ensure that there is sufficient supply of world-class talent. The most famous tech stores of this place include tinder, Snapchat and even Elon Musk’s SpaceX. There are a lot of companies to serve your app development.


Taking this into consideration that there were several startups in India as of 2019. This place acted as the backbone of those starts. India is in Tech world for some time now, which have given the Indian companies the experience of this arena, which means that the companies are now considered trusting by tremendous leaders like Walmart. Even India’s leading online shopping app Flipkart was developed here.

Some other places to look:

  • Boston
  • London
  • Moscow
  • Lisbon
  • New York
  • Singapore
  • Amsterdam

There is no limit to this list, so we decided to choose the places based on the revenue generated by them in the financial year 2020. You can still find some big firms not included in this place.

Top 3 Mobile app development companies:

In the section above, we told you about how to look up for the right companies where you can have a head start for your app. To help the lookout, here is the chard that provides you with the top app developers that offer significant app development and solutions.

Here we will give you an overview of the most prominent players of online and offline app development companies. Every one of us can’t reach the place physical because none of us has time to do so. The best counter for this problem is to go online.


It is one of the huge giants in all development. Their headquarters are in the USA. The company have their branches in India too. They have a working power of more than 1000 working teams.l, offer machine learning, cloud computing, artificial intelligence and most crucial app development for their customers.

They do their development on a huge scale. Their app services include UX/UI Design, programming, DevOps, QnA testing, chatbots, web apps, streaming apps, enterprise.


This company have a huge work in app development, especially in graphics and games. They are expert in development, customisation, and integration of complex enterprise-level solutions, business intelligence analytics, advanced web and mobile solutions. They too provide E-Learning, IoT, Artificial Intelligence, and many others. You can go to this company as this is trusted a lot and have a bit cheaper rate than others. They have over 500 members working on projects regularly with their head office in the United States, United Arab Emirates. With other branches in Florida, Dubai and Pakistan. They do offer iPhone, android, blockchain app developments.


You must be familiar with this word. This is one of the bands you must have seen in an advertisement. They spend a lot to advertise.

That has a working power of 400-500 members. They prefer working on iOS, Android and Web platform based apps. Their headquarters are in New York and Los Angeles. They claim an environment that allows their team to be honest and open with their client, creating a family-like environment that breeds positive results through collaborative decision-making. They have similar pricing as of Cubic

Hire a freelancer

This is the most preferred thing you can do if are low on budget. Many developers don’t want to be in a company and follow orders, so they do freelancer work. Some of the free Lancers are quite good. Before hiring a lancer, do check their background. And consider their older actions. If possible, ask them some questions to test their authority. It is not preferred to hire an amateur, as they often take the work lightly and often end up quitting the job.


  1. Why app development is so expensive?

Ans – The simple answer to that would be it is a very skilled and time consuming work. Around 3+ billion people have a smartphone by their side for more than 90% of the time. This opens a whole new side of opportunities for a business to grow and reach more people.

  1. How long does it takes to develop an app?

Ans – That is a tricky question but can take from 3 week to 3 months depending upon the features of the app and the developer working in.

  1. Is it expensive to create an app?

Ans – Yes it is really expensive and can give you a sweat. You can get it done for $1000 to $100000. Depending upon the features you choose to have in your app.


If you want to hire an app developer, then go for offline search first as it often comes out to be cheaper than the online prices. If you got no luck there, then head towards a firm, but they will be a bit heavier on your pocket as app development is expensive work. Not because of resources but because of skills and time it requires to build apps. If you find none of the above fruitful, then you can preferably go to hire a freelancer but check their older works and hire a guy with some experience.

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