Top Lottery related Movies and Apps you should check in 2021

Juliet D'cruz

Top Lottery related Movies and Apps you should check in 2021

The realms of the lottery are far from innovations. The setup is sturdy and sensitive to new concepts, but this has never stopped lottery brands from introducing new features to the lottery world. Here we are providing you with a few Lottery related Movies and apps which will surely entertain you.

So, let’s discuss a few lottery related movies that will surely make you look like an Indian lottery winner. As discussed, the changes in this field are limited, but the thrill is limitless.

Movie: Lottery Ticket (2010)

Just like classic other lottery related movies, this film revolves around a man who becomes instantly rich with a million-dollar lottery.

  • The movie begins with a guy, Kevin Carson, in his early 30s, who is broke and works as a footlocker in the projects.
  • However, his fate stirs up wonders one day when he wins a 370 million dollar lottery.
  • However, to his utter dismay, the lottery claiming-office is to remain shut for three days, which thrusts him into a situation where he has to keep his victory a secret.
  • But the word gets out, and he is surrounded by his opportunistic acquaintances, friends, family, and neighbours, all of whom are eyeing the prize he won.
  • The movie leads to a series of comic moments, as Carson tries to hide his wealth or escape the ones following him for his wealth.
  • And as the news of Carson’s wealthy uprising keeps on spreading like wildfires, he figures out the dark sides of his loved and close ones.
  • The movie encapsulates the essence of love and integrity and how money affects them altogether.

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App: LoterieNationale

If you are caught up in a lottery slump, then maybe trying LoterieNationale would be a wise decision.

  • The app provides insights into every international, national, and local lottery.
  • LoterieNationale is best known for its reliable archives and statistics.
  • Having information about them can smoothen out ticket number choices and shed light on the probability of your winnings.
  • The statistics withhold Intel on blackjack and rummy balls and the ticket numbers that scored historic wins in the past.
  • Moreover, the app offers to sort and filtering features that can make your workflow efficient and hassle-free.
  • The app also displays the drawing results for the following lotteries.
  • The app originally features in the French language; however, you can translate it into your preferred language for convenience.

Movie: 29th Street

29th Street was yet another 1991 drama movie showcasing the trials and tribulations of a sensitive relationship. The film displays how avarice and vanity can set you on a path where you can sabotage even those closest to you.

  • The movie revolves around Frank Peace Jr., who is utterly fortunate and manages to ace and escape things out of sheer luck.
  • The movie begins with the day he was born and how his mother was shifted from the hospital; she was meant to deliver him to another due to some inconveniences.
  • And that same scene was the display of his never-ending luck. The hospital from which his mother was shifted burned down minutes after he was born, showcasing how his luck averted a severe life crisis.
  • He is juxtaposed by his father, and evidently, a hard-working man struck by the follies of his fate.
  • His father’s bad luck continues to provoke him into a state of envy towards his own son.
  • This tension between them intricates even further when Frank Pesce Jr bags a million-dollar lottery in New York State Lottery.
  • The movie captures Frank Pesce Jr’s and his father’s opposite yet similar lives.
  • The movie settles overbearing relationships between parents and their offsprings, along with raising questions on our destinies. You must check out this lottery related movie. Mimy India is a similar platform.

App: Lottery Scratchers: Lucky Scratch, Scratch Off Fun

This app is a platform where all lottery related games come together. The app holds a multitude of scratching games where every new scratch-off has incredible deals for you.

  • The app has a modern display and an advanced user interface.
  • The games extend options for multiplayer and single-player.
  • Games have no complicated ideas, all you need to do is hit play on the screen, and your game will begin.
  • If, however, you are unknown to the rules and regulations of a lottery, you can start playing after checking out the help section.
  • The payments you make are secured via the state.
  • The app accepts all kinds of electronic payments, be it PayPal or card payments.
  • Login procedures are simple; all you need to do is provide your email, phone and set up a password, or else you can simply log in via Google or Facebook.


The lottery world is relatively rigid, but that hasn’t stopped it from expanding and captivating hearts via lottery games and entertainment. Or extending topics that make lottery enthusiasts look like an Indian lottery winner. All in all, the adrenaline rush the lottery results render holds no comparison. I hope you enjoyed this article about lottery related movies and apps.

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