Top 5 New Educational Apps for Board Exam

Juliet D'cruz

Top 5 New Educational Apps for Board Exam

The board exams for class 10th and 12th are about to start within one month, and you must prepare for them using educational apps. All state education boards, along with the Central Board of Secondary Education CBSE, had already announced the timetable for the board’s exams starting in the first or second week of February. Apart from CBSE, many state boards like AP Board, Bihar Board, MP Board, UP Board, Jharkhand Board, etc. have announced their 10th and 12th examination schedules.

With few more days left, the students tend to panic as they are getting nervous about their level of preparation. It is a normal human tendency that as the exam dates come closer, we feel panic about performance due to this; it becomes challenging to find the areas which need a little bit of extra effort in preparation.

In this era of Smartphone and the internet, it is very convenient to check the level of preparation for the board exam and identify the sections which require some extra efforts.

Here we are listing five best apps to help students smartly in preparation of the 10th and 12th Boards examination. Download any of the below mention apps and give the final touch to your preparation for the board exam.

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Top 5 Educational Apps for Board Exams

In this era of Android, we have access to millions of paid and free apps making our life easier and comfortable. When it comes to the Apps for preparation of the 10th and 12th Board Exams, you will get lots of apps in the Google App Store and on other app stores. However, most of them are full of incorrect information and calculations.

If you wish to give a final touch of your preparation with the help of a useful Board exam preparation Apps, we are here with Top 5 Educational Apps for Board exam preparation.


With more than 150 million users across 35 nations, Brainly is the world’s most trusted app for learning. Most of the teachers approve this app for online learning. All information and answers available on these apps are right, and the evaluation method used in this app is also up to the mark.

If you wish to give a final revision to your preparation for the board exam, you can install this app from any trusted source like google play store and participate in the online test conducted by Brainly and check your level of preparedness and work hard on the topics which required more effort.


One of the most popular and Dedicated app for CBSE Board Exams preparation. Here you will get the huge collection of the sample paper with NCERT solution and related tutorial. The app is available on all the leading app stores. Before appearing in the 10th and 12th board exams, practicing sample paper will boost your confidence and also help you in improving your time management.


One of the most used online learning apps started in the year 2015, and in this short span, it emerges as one of the best online learning apps. Here you will find the video tutorial on every topic of your syllabus. If you come across any doubts during your revisions, you can find it here with ease. Apart from this here, you can also learn about time management during the examination, which in the end, gives you the best result.

Unacademy primarily focused on competitive exam preparation. You can find lots of excellent teachers on this app. Whether you’re preparing for IIT-JEE, GATE, NEET, or board examinations like CBSE and ICSE, there’s a lot more for other examinations.


While discussing the top 5 best apps for Board exam preparation, we cannot ignore the ePathshala one of the most trusted online learning apps for the students appearing in boards exam. The app is developed by NCERT and MHRD to provide educational and digital resources, textbooks, audios and videos, periodicals, study material. It also allows the student to download this study material for offline learning.


It is a dedicated app for the students appearing in CBSE 10th and 12th Board Exams. The app has a huge study material which includes, sample papers, study notes, NCERT books, and Practice paper. Here you will get the study material for each topic of your syllabus.


Apart from these popular educational apps, you can try Byju’s and Disney Byju’s app for board examination and kids’ educations respectively. Moreover, Kahoot is yet another useful app that you must include in your list for language learning and sharping skills.

Conclusion – Educational apps

Any of the apps, as mentioned above, can be used for the 10th and 12th Board Exam Preparation. We wish you all very best and hope that all students appearing in 10th and 12th board exams. Come out with flying colours as few days left for the board exam. Be Positive, stay calm, and avoid any stress.

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