Top 3 Websites to Rent textbooks Online in 2020

Juliet D'cruz

Top 3 Websites to Rent textbooks Online in 2020

Texts books can costs you up to hundreds of dollars every year. Every student spends lots of sum of money in his entire life on purchasing Textbooks. We use them for a year or even for less period of time in some cases. In this article, I will tell you How can you rent textbooks online.

Top 3 Websites to Rent textbooks Online

Textbooks are a very good source of knowledge but they are not pocket-friendly. Today in this article I will be sharing some websites to buy or rent textbooks online which will help you to save lots of money.

If you are a college student then you might be spending large sum of money every semester in purchasing textbooks.

They are later of no use for us then why we waste our money in buying them for a lifetime? Well, have a look at the top 3 websites to rent textbooks online which will save your wallet from weeping. Renting textbooks instead of purchasing them is a great opportunity to save money.

Without wasting much time lets discuss the top 3 websites to rent books online.


Lack of access to expensive study course material becomes a barrier for students to reach their goals.

Cengage knows this fact very well and they have started an initiative to cut the costs of textbooks to a minimum so everyone can afford it. They are not only limited to selling and renting books but you can also take benefit from their other services too.

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Get flashcards and study guides from different sources which will help you a lot with your studies.
If you need to have a book forever but your wallet doesn’t stand with you then you can purchase used textbooks which are in very good condition.

Forget about all your worries they are providing large discounts and various offers to students for renting textbooks online or purchasing used ones.

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Undoubtedly no other site can beat Chegg when it comes to renting a book online. Their service is so cheaper than you can rent a book for a semester just for 10% of the printed price of that book.

It sounds awesome right, Chegg not only provides you book on rents but they have so many other features. You can easily hire a tutor online for yourself starting from 7 cents per minute.

We have earlier provides free Chegg premium accounts to all our blog readers. Overall Chegg is a great platform if you have some old books to sell then post them on Chegg and make some extra money.

You can modify rent time as per your need and price will be shown accordingly. Chegg treats their customers like family. If you are lucky enough then you would get some gifts along with your purchase.

Campus Book Rentals

Another great platform for textbook rental service. You can either take a book on rent or give your books on rents to others and earn some bucks accordingly.

Website’s interference makes it so easy to find the desired book and check its rental price. According to their data which was shared a few days back, they have helped students to save over $140 million money overall.

They don’t charge you extra money if you treat your rented book bad. Chances are in the future you get a book in bad condition only. As they take ratings from book owners and you are served in the future accordingly.

Conclusion – Rent books Online

Well, this was the end of our collection of best websites for renting textbooks online. Always take time to compare the prices of the book you want to rent on different websites first.

In most of the cases, prices are surely different so grab the last one. If you find this article helpful then do share with your friends and classmates.

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