Texas medical students wrongly accused in the Title IX cases - Reasons and solution

Juliet D'cruz

Texas medical students wrongly accused in the Title IX cases – Reasons and solution

The main reason why medical students in Texas have to drop out is because of wrongful sexual allegations against them. Even if not proven guilty, which is very rare in Title IX cases, students tend to become mentally drained after long and humiliating disciplinary trials.

This is why medical students need an experienced Title IX advisor in Texas so that their dignity and justice are restored. Studies have shown that it is not the actual disciplinary action taken against a student that affects them, but the process of legal prosecution. Title IX cases hold a special place in the legal provisions against harassment because its execution is not criminal but their dynamics are not like an administrative legislature either.

This puts the conviction of wrongly accused medical students on grounds of Title IX in a difficult position. Because the university has millions of dollars at stake in the form of federal funds, it is highly unlikely that you will get fair representation in the disciplinary committee.

Since the medical school administration is likely to take sides with the complainant, it will be very difficult for you to fight your Title IX case by yourself. Most medical students are good at a lot of life-saving techniques. Unfortunately, the law is not one of them. This is why you need to take legal assistance from reputed student appeal lawyers who have enough experience representing innocent medical students.

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Adding to the partial behavior of the medical school disciplinary committee who will judge your Title IX case is the fact that most sexual assault cases are not based on evidence but speculations and assumptions. It is not a surprise that most sexual assault cases that are wrongly accused go acquitted.

It is difficult to prove that sexual harassment, to the degree to which it is accused in a medical school, has actually taken place. But one downside to all sexual harassment laws is that the statement of the complainant is given more priority than evidence and proof.

This can be a serious disadvantage to the wrongly accused medical student who does not have enough legal representation on his side. In some cases, the student, even if innocent, can be convicted of the accused charges and will be refrained from continuing further education.

To conclude, to ensure that your innocence is proven beyond doubt and that all false allegations against you are dismissed, it is best to take legal assistance from reputed student appeal lawyers.

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