State To State Real Estate

The real estate market is hot as it has ever been. In 2021 we have seen plenty of intensity in the home buying process. Inventory has been flying off the shelf. Where homes are selling 10x faster than they normally would the average home in desirable areas are selling twenty to thirty thousand above asking price. This is happening all over the United States. But you may also be wondering if the market is so hot and homes are selling so much above asking why are people using ibuy home companies. We want to focus on the distressed real estate in the Philadelphia, Pa area as well as Delaware state. The reason being in Philadelphia is the largest most poverty ridden city in America. You may be asking what Delaware has to do with this equation. Delaware is the ninth richest state in America, it also is only a ten-minute drive from Philadelphia. You may be wondering how a state with descent wealth is so close and how does their real estate tie in with Philadelphia. If you drive through Philadelphia, you may see signs posted on telephone poles stating “we buy house Philadelphia”. Now you may not see “we buy houses delaware” signs posted on every street in Delaware. Companies who pay cash for houses usually purchase homes that are in distressed conditions or just a homeowner looking for a quick home sale. If you live in Pennsylvania or Delaware and you may be looking to sell quickly then you need to choose the right company for you. The best part about Delaware is that it has plenty of diverse types of areas. From beach points, inner city, to farmlands. No matter where you live in the state it has its rewards. This is the only sales tax-free state in America. If you were looking to get a comparison between Delaware in Philadelphia, then here it is. Deware has a lower cost of living than Philadelphia. Not only the sale tax but rent, as well as the activates are cheaper. You may also find that Delaware major cities are a total of less crime than Philadelphia. As well as most of the inner cities in Delaware have less of a heavy city atmosphere. Besides for comapring these two great areas they also have been trading residents for years. People do not only move out of the big city to a rural area like Delaware they also move in the opposite direction. The Delaware area makes up for a good percentage of the Philadelphia sports fan base as well. Since Deware does not have professional sports teams of their ow If you live in either one of these areas and are looking to sell your home then this is the perfect time. We are showing a lot of repeats in the market change as the large crash back in 2008. If it is considered a sellers’ market right now you could take advantage of getting a higher amount for your home than any other. Do not miss this fantastic opportunity and investigate selling your home today!

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