5 Best ShowBox Alternatives in 2021

Juliet D'cruz

5 Best ShowBox Alternatives in 2021

ShowBox is a cool movie streaming app, used by millions worldwide. It doesn’t suit all users, though, and if you can’t find anything to watch on it, then its no good to you. Thankfully, given that movie streaming is a popular thing for people using mobile devices these days, there are loads of great ShowBox alternatives to choose from – the hard part for you is picking the right one.

Top Five ShowBox Alternatives

We took that hard work away from you and did the research ourselves. We tested hundreds of alternatives and found that many didn’t do what they say they do. These all showbox alternatives are awesome. You can download bollywood movies from these.

Some of them are quite restrictive in what you can watch, some offer a small number of movies and then require you to play for more, and others are nothing more than a list of links to where you might find movies and shows. There are, however, some real gems out there, and we think these five offer the best service and, in the case of those with subscriptions, the best value for money.

Globo Play

As the name suggests, Globo Play is a global app, offering a huge choice of content from all around the world including Hollywood and Bollywood. Here, you can find movies, Globo Exclusives, drawing, TV shows, series, cartoons and a whole lot more. All tastes and preferences are catered to, and you can even download content to watch offline at a later time. The app comes in two flavors – free, which offers limited content, and a subscription, costing $21.90 per month or $16.40 per month if you opt for a yearly subscription. You can download Globo Play from TutuApp-Vip.com

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Tubi TV

Tubi TV is one of the newest apps to join the legions of streaming apps and doesn’t offer the most choice. However, what it does aim for is quality over quantity, and it is fast-expanding.  You get the choice of plenty of movies, TV series, TV shows and more, covering all the most popular genres – action, adventure, thriller, sci-fi, comedy, and many more. 

There is no option to watch offline, so a strong internet connection is needed and, although the app is free to download and peruse, you need to sign up for a free account to watch anything.


A popular name in streaming services, Netflix requires a subscription to watch it. However, if you are a new user, you can have a free 30-day trial. Netflix offers one of the best choices of streaming, with plenty of classic and new movies and TV series. 

The built-in recommendation engine learns from what you like and dislikes to make new viewing recommendations to you, and some stuff can even be downloaded to watch offline. Netflix offers each subscriber up to five profiles for different family members, each tailored to what they watch, and there is even a special section for kids. Subscriptions and content both vary from country to country.


Popcornflix was specifically designed for iOS users to stream movies on their devices, and it provides thousands of them to choose from. All the popular genres are covered, offering movies for all tastes. 

Completely free to download and use, Popcornflix works on both Wi-Fi and data connections so you can watch whatever you want, wherever you are, no matter what your preferences are. There are various movie downloading websites such as Moviesming, Afilmywap and Bolly4u.


Last, but by no means least, is an app called Crackle. Owned by Sony, Crackle provides free access to full-length, uncut movies, from the latest blockbuster, right down to silent films, Crime Noir, and many other classics, alongside cartoon movies. 

The only downside to Crackle is that the content isn’t on the app for long, so you need to keep a close eye on it to catch what you want to watch. However, the sheer diversity and amount of content on offer makes it all worthwhile.  Sony Crackle may not work in all countries, and the content will vary from region to region, but it is all completely free to watch.

Conclusion – ShowBox alternatives

These five streaming apps offer the best showbox alternatives that we could find. We looked through hundreds of apps to find the very best value alternatives just o you wouldn’t have to – all of them are well worth a look, and even the subscription apps offer decent free trials – you really don’t have anything to lose by trying them.

ShowBox used to be one of the few decent apps for streaming movies and shows on the iPad and iPhone, but, in recent times, more and more have become readily available. Now you don’t need to be without a streaming app, no matter what your viewing preferences are and, with all of these apps working on Wi-Fi and data, you can watch your favorites wherever you are.

Do share this with others and tell us if you think there are other cool ShowBox alternatives.

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