Why taking Ration card applications online is a smart idea in 2020

Juliet D'cruz

Why taking Ration card applications online is a smart idea in 2020?

Ration card feels like they have been around for as long we can remember but recently they seem quite redundant. Not many people who have their them are using them the way the Government intended when they came up with the idea all those years ago. The Government initially came up with this card as a document to keep a check on people in the country and add them to the PDS (Public Distribution System). 

This also allowed the Government to provide them with grains and additional food based on their financial status.

Unlike most other identification documents, like the driver’s licence, PAN card, or election card,  the ration card was different in the sense that families applied for them, and not individual people. This meant people had to edit their names from their cards when they moved for work, or married and left their family. 

Additionally, this means that people who moved to a new apartment had to apply for new cards. Having your name on two ration cards was an offence so people had to make sure they edited their details correctly.

How is the website better than handling the process through the office?

Getting the ration card process sorted through the office was time-consuming and tedious since people have to stand in lines for the longest time. Additionally, the form system was quite slow  and inaccurate which had people coming back over and over making sure they had the right documents and forms. 

This caused a lot of them to give up on the process. These were just left without being updated which turned out to be an issue.

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What are the documents needed when dealing with the ration card website?

The website allows for multiple functions involving the ration card office. Some of these features are

  • Making changes and editing the details of a ration card
    • When moving because of marriage
    • In case of losing a family member
    • Errors and typos on the ration card that needed sorting out can now be done through the website
  • When married, the wife has to be added to her husband’s ration card since she is part of a new family.
    • This also means she has to edit herself from her previous one.
    • When applying for a duplicate ration card if the previous one is misplaced, they have to submit additional documents along with a police report.

All of these processes have their own requirements that vary slightly, although the primary details are.

  • Information about the previous ration card (if it existed)
  • Proof of address
  • Proof of identification

The website prompts users to upload any additional information if and when needed. The entire process through the website does not take more than an hour if all documents are available with the applicant. Additionally, it is convenient since they can handle it at their convenience.

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