Perfect ways to Recreate Your Home

Juliet D'cruz

Perfect ways to Recreate Your Home

It is always wise to leave the old behind and look ahead for something new. This is true in every area of our lives. Whether it is our personal life where we need to leave behind our past and head forward to expect and be excited to do new things or it is our home where we lived for so long. We get emotionally attached to so many things in our lives that we don’t want to let go of some things. This fits in perfectly where we come to a place where we have to shift our home or renovate the old one.

We always cherish the moments that were made in our homes years before and sometimes want our homes to be the same to remember the good old days. However, the old has to go so that the new memories can be made. To make your home look new, you don’t have to spend a lot of money. Just the paint for walls is enough to recreate a dashing look to the home. All you need is a wise selection of colours that will blend perfectly with the furniture and your home setting.

Before you jump into painting it is always essential to check the walls for any leakage or dampness otherwise all the effort made for painting will go in vain as the walls will soon look scraped and damp. The answer to this problem is to use waterproofing solutions to the walls which will protect the walls from the seepage making them look new.

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Let The Art Creep In

Colours have the capability to transform the look of the room and give a new and fresh feeling. It also lifts the mood and makes you comfortable and welcoming. With the progress in the world of art, a combination of colours and art will add style to your home. The following are some of the ways to design your walls –

Ombre Walls – When it comes to painting the walls, do not restrict yourself to picking up only one colour for the walls. You can play with multiple colours to give the wall a designer look. Make your walls look gradient by choosing as many colours to want in your walls and get an ombre wall painting done.

Polka dot – Anything apart from simple paint will draw the attention of people. Try out the polka dots painting on your wall to give it a cheerful look. You can go ahead with the small dots to achieve a subtle look and try out the large dots to get a bold look. Multiple colours can be used to make your room look colourful.

Watercolour Walls – A design called watercolour is enough to grab the attention as it looks so artistic and trendy. You can create your own unique space with these paints and add a soothing effect to the home. It reflects the artistic work which deserves praise from family and friends.

Bold colours – One of the easy ways to change the look is to use a different colour on a particular wall from the rest of the walls. You can pick up bold colours like purple surrounded by grey walls. You can even try out different patterns or shapes and fill the shapes with bold colours to get a beautiful 3 D look.

These are some ideas to get a new look at your home.

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