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How to Pay Medicals Bills at MyMedicalPayments – 2021

If you are looking for a simple and easy way to pay your doctor fees, bills, then you’re in for a treat. Today, in this article, we’re going to showcase, MyMedicalPayments, which is an online platform that facilities the payments of medical bills for patients. Now you no longer need to visit the hospital or any payment center manually to clear your medical bills. In this tutorial, I’ve shared the steps that you need to follow to pay your medical bills online through the MyMedicalPayments website.

The site provides a secure and safe connection for patients to make their medical payments with ease from the comfort of their homes. The payment amount will be debited from your bank account instantly and will be settled with the selected healthcare service provider in the given time. Go ahead with the article to know more about the MyMedicalPayments website and how you can use it effectively for paying your medical bills online within minutes.

How To Pay Medicals Bills At MyMedicalPayments

Customers no longer need to depend or rely on paper copies for paying their medical bills, since the information is stored securely in the electronic form. Users simply need to log into their account by entering the required credentials on the web portal and all the information related to the bills from different healthcare service providers will be displayed on the screen right away.

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The online web portal is accessible from anywhere in the world and customers can make payments. Simply follow the below-mentioned steps to pay your medical bills online.

  1. Firstly visit the official login page using any browser on your computer or smartphone to begin.
  2. On the login page, you will have to enter your account number and patient’s DOB in the required fields.
  3. Make sure to agree to the Terms and Conditions and hit Sign in option on the web page to login.
  4. After a successful login, you will be able to see your account balance and medical bills.
  5. Select the bill from any healthcare service provider on the web page and proceed to payment.
  6. Now select your mode of payment on the next page and enter the necessary details.
  7. Lastly. initiate the payment and complete the transaction by entering the required details.
  8. That’s it, your bill would be settled in the given time after the completion of payment.


In case if you don’t know what’s your account number, then simply click on the “Where’s My Account Number?” option located right next to the sign-in web page. Refer to the image provided on the next screen to find your account number.

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Additional Info:- Sometimes, you may find two separate bills for your hospital visit on the website. Don’t have to worry, you do not have to pay twice here. It’s possible to receive two separate bills from the same hospital for your visit. One bill would be for using the hospital’s equipment, while the other bill would be from the physician group. 

Final Words

MyMedcialPayments is definitely useful and comes in handy when you’re running out of time to clear your medical bills. There’s also a contact us option on the sign-in page.  In case if you have any issues or queries related to the website or billing. Go ahead and make use of the website to pay your medical bills in an instant without any hassle. 

Make sure to drop your experience with an online platform in the comment section below. You can also use our comment box if you have any queries, suggestions or complaints. 

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