Optimizing your treadmill fitness - 9 methods for more fun while exercising

Juliet D'cruz

Optimizing your treadmill fitness – 9 methods for more fun while exercising

How many times have you done treadmill fitness because you thought you should, and not necessarily because you wanted to? You are certainly not alone in this, and many people find it difficult to motivate themselves to run. Let alone have enough determination to get involved in treadmill fitness. The monotony of running training only makes running more excruciating. Even those who love it have to admit at some point that it gets boring at times. However, you should n’t skip your treadmill workout just because it’s boring. These nine tips will breathe new life into your treadmill fitness. And you never know – these methods may even become routine.

Find and download fun apps

Do you need motivation? There is sure to be a suitable mobile app for this. For example, download an audio coaching app and get access to a variety of different running workouts. These are also led by trainers who are very likely to get you to the finish line. In most cases, you can choose how long you want to train and focus on specific exercises . Determine the intervals and the speed yourself to improve your endurance.

You can even choose your musical inspiration, which can range from folk music to energetic hits. For example, turn your run into a game with gaming apps about zombies. Choose your mission for the day and follow the directions to gather supplies and build your base. If zombies are after you then you need to speed up the pace.

Perform exercises virtually

You can also take part in scheduled group runs, run with friends and even take part in races. Such apps are already preinstalled on many newer treadmills. You can also use an application like BitGym that allows you to virtually run courses around the world from your tablet or smartphone.

Communicate while doing treadmill fitness

While it’s not the best way to focus on your workout, in the age of multitasking it is perfectly acceptable to use the phone while exercising. Use your bluetooth headphones to discuss the latest news with your father during a long, even run. You can even have your phone, tablet, or video chat with mom or your friends across the country. Better yet, schedule a run with some of them so you can do your dreaded treadmill workouts together. You can also buy a treadmill with Amazon promo codes

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Combine running with Netflix

Between work, family, and social responsibilities, it can be difficult to get a workout, let alone an hour of Netflix. However, if you want to watch the Game of Thrones series during Treadmill Fitness, for example, you can use your time to your advantage by combining the two. Get a tablet and a reliable internet connection, put on your headphones and be transported to the fictional land of Westeros or a parallel universe called Upside Down.

Create a motivational playlist

Sometimes the hardest part is getting started with your workout. For this reason, before you even go to the gym, you can motivate yourself with a little music, be it with the soundtrack of “Rocky” or some bass-heavy techno. Once you’re on the treadmill, it’s also a good idea to create a video playlist of your favorite scenes from movies, TV, and YouTube and watch them while you exercise. All such scenes from films can influence you emotionally and force you to act. When it comes to exercising on a treadmill, being motivated and being forced to act is a good thing.

Be creative

This method is suitable for those of you who can describe yourself as more extroverted. You’ve probably seen some of the viral videos where people sing, dance, and have fun on the treadmill. Well, it could be you. It’s 2021 and the days of running in short shorts with a headband are long gone. What can get you on the treadmill? Can you sing opera or freestyle rap? Do it while you are running and you may become a sensation on the internet. Don’t try too much like, for example, the members of “OK Go” in their iconic music video. Broken bones are of no use to your treadmill fitness.

Exercise for your brain

Running can be really repetitive as you search for company or entertainment in your mind. In this case, let your imagination run wild. Keeping your brain busy will make you think less about how many minutes or seconds there are until the end of your workout. For example, listen to an interesting podcast on the Internet that will distract you from the whole process and make you think. There are enough free audio documentaries or audiobooks online that you can try out in a variety of ways. Another useful option would be to brush up on your language skills in a specific language such as Italian before going on vacation or business trip.

Musical entertainment for your treadmill fitness

If you have a passion for music you will never get bored, especially when you have the opportunity to play your favorite music. Instead of viewing the treadmill as a workout, you can listen to your favorite albums or new releases in their entirety. With an average album length of 45 to 60 minutes, you can cover between six and ten kilometers, depending on your speed. Take the focus off your legs and your beating heart and pay more attention to the music streaming through your ears. Most of the time, it is difficult to exercise on a treadmill unless you get lost in the music.

Do interval training

Treadmills are perfect for interval training that promotes strength and speed and burns the calories quickly. After the warm up, increase the pace for 30 seconds, sprint, and then lower it back down to a casual run for a minute. Repeat these intervals a total of seven times. Try a pyramid workout and time will fly by. Increase your speed to a challenging pace that you can sustain for a minute. After that, recover at a gentle pace for a minute. In the next interval, increase the pace up to two minutes and also relax for two minutes. Increase this to five minutes at a time, then work your way back down to a minute.


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