What is the procedure to get a new Birth Certificate

Juliet D'cruz

What is the procedure to get a new Birth Certificate?

Birth certificate is a vital identity document as it is considered as a basis for date and facts of one’s birth. It is essential for availing multiple facilities provided by Indian Government to its citizens. A birth certificate in India is also crucial as it comprises of details such as parent’s information, their nationality, location, hospital information of their birth.

In order to apply for a birth certificate once your child is born is quite simple. However, it can get tough it you delay beyond a certain date. A Birth certificate is allotted by the Municipal Corporation/ Municipal Council in urban areas. Whereas in rural locations, it is issued by the Tehsildar at the Taluka Level and Gram Panchayat office at the village level.

What is the Procedure to get a Birth Certificate ?

Step1: Download a birth certificate registration form.

Step2: Fill the entire form within 21 days of the birth of child.

Step3: If the certificate of new birth is not registered or delayed within 21 days of its occurrence, then it is finally issued after a police verification.

Step4: Once a complete verification of the birth record like place of birth, parent’s ID Proof, date, time, nursing home, etc. is finished by the registrar, then the new certificate is issued to the applicant.

Step5: Follow up in a couple of days post the submission of all documents to make sure it is done.

Step6: Once you provide a self-addressed envelope at the municipality office, the issued birth certificate is sent to the respective address within a span of 7-14 working days.

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How much fees to be Paid for Getting Birth Certificate ?

Within the span of 21 days of the occurrence of birth, there is no registration fee for birth. The first free copy is given by the Hospital authority. However after 21-30 days of the child’s birth, Rs. 7/- is charged as a late fee. Further late fee is charged if the days are exceeded for getting a birth certificate.

What Documents you need for such an Application ?

Following documents are required:-

  • Birth certificate of parents.
  • Parent’s marriage certificates.
  • A proof of birth letter in hospital.

ID Proof of parents for verification.

Importance of Birth Certificate in India

The birth certificates is considered as a first right of a new born child. It has a key role in various aspects as mentioned below:

  • For getting enrolment in schools and colleges.
  • Age proof for jobs and employment.
  • For marriage proof.
  • In getting an application for a passport.
  • For obtaining few important documents such as Voter ID’s, Driving license, passport, etc.
  • Registration in NPR ( National Population Registrar).
  • For getting a Green Card.

Considering all these points together, we can say in a nut shell that a person without a  birth certificate is not eligible to enjoy the benefits and rights which Government of India provides to its citizens. Hence, always remember to get a new birth certificate as soon as possible just after your child birth.

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