Mattress Foundation And Sizes

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Mattress Foundation And Sizes

A wooden or steel structure supporting your mattress is a mattress foundation. A mattress foundation is an essential part of your bed set-up. A good mattress foundation prevents your bed from sagging, helps it retain its full-supportive benefits, and can even extend the life of your bed. It absorbs weight, movement, and other forces, helping your mattress remain structurally sound for longer. A solid frame will also protect your bed and prevent uneven wear and tear. 

Whether you’re shopping for a queen bed or a king, you need to consider the size of the foundation. The proper foundation can make all the difference in how you sleep, from making your bed uneven to leaving certain mattress parts unsupported. The dimensions of a mattress foundation are as important as the mattress itself for a comfortable night’s sleep. It also improves your bedroom’s aesthetics while giving you the perfect bliss while you sleep. To assist you in choosing the proper foundation, we’ve outlined a guide for various sizes and styles. Read on for more information. We also cover different types of foundations to ensure you get the best fit.

Mattress Foundation Size Chart

Foundation  Size Dimensions (In) Dimensions (CM)
Twin 38×74 96.5 X 187.9
Twin XL 38×80 96.5 X 203
Full 54×75 134.5 X 190.5
Queen 60×80 152.5 X 203.5
King 76×80 193×203
California King 72×84 183×213.5

Twin Mattress

Twin-sized foundations are 38 inches by 74 inches in dimensions and would support mattresses of the same size. It’s an ideal mattress for kids and early teenagers, but very difficult to adjust to an adult in it. But if you have space constraints in your bedroom, it is an ideal mattress to fit in.

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Twin XL Bed Foundation

At 38 by 80 inches, Twin XL foundations are ideal for taller people who want extra legroom space. It would require a room of 8 feet by 10 feet to fit a Twin XL mattress. Since its length 

resembles that of a queen mattress, it is also preferred for those who want to sleep on a queen mattress and are not able to do so for the need of a space 

Full Bed Foundation

A full-size bed is 54 inches by 75 inches, ideally accommodating two kids or one kid and an adult. They are ideal beds for small apartments and guest houses where space is ideally a constraint.

Queen Bed Foundation.

Queen Bed Foundations are the most popular bed foundations as they are ideal beds for solo sleepers while also appealing to couples who can compromise on little space and privacy. At 60 inches by 80 inches, it’s almost heaven for solo sleepers; they get enough space to move around the bed.

King Bed Foundations

With a measured dimension of 76 inches by 80 inches, king Bed Foundations are considered the standard bed foundations. They are also the widest known bed foundations accommodating couples and a kid who might sometimes feel lonely sleeping alone.

The King mattress foundation might also be bought in splits to form two twin XLs which can again be joined together to hold a king-size mattress depending on the need and preference of the sleepers.

Types of Mattress Foundations

There are a wide range and types of mattress foundations available in the market, but other than the size of the mattress that must fit the foundation, the compatibility of the foundation also must resemble the mattress type.

It is of utter importance that the mattress’s foundation is matched because an ill-matched foundation could again give you sleepless nights or backaches, or severe pains, deteriorating your sleep quality.

To simplify with an example, it is usually noted that an innerspring mattress is usually very compatible with a box spring foundation, and latex, memory, or hybrid mattress are usually paired with platform slatted or a solid foundation. Here is a brief about the various mattress platforms that are readily available.

Platform Bed:- Platform beds as a bed frame consists of solid wooden slats or grids made of metal along the surface to support the mattress slats in a slatted foundation area, typically about one inch thick and two inches apart. Some slatted foundations are adjustable. You can purchase a slatted foundation with adjustable slats if you want a more customised look. The type of foundation you usually select will depend on the thickness of your mattress.

These beds are ideal foundations for latex, memory foam, or hybrid mattress. The ideal height of platform beds ranges between 6 to 18 inches, depending on the variety. Depending on the variety, they might or might not accompany a headboard and footboard.

Boxspring Foundation:-Another type of mattress foundation is a box spring. These are built to support a mattress. These foundations are usually made of wood frames with steel coils inside, and they are lightweight compared to metal. However, if you’re moving the bed, you might want to choose a wooden base to minimise the risk of sagging. It’s important to consider what kind of frame you have for your bed and what kind of mattress you’ll use.

Box Spring Foundation is very much compatible with the Innerspring mattress. The coils built inside the innerspring mattress act as a shock absorber. They keep vibrations reaching back inside the springs in the mattress to minimum levels. However, it is actually not a good idea to place latex or memory frame mattresses on top of a box spring mattress as they might damage the coils of the box spring, causing it to deform over time.

Adjustable base:-An adjustable base defines ultimate luxury as you can elevate your head or feet with a button on your remote control. They are convenient and luxurious, but they are also known to improve blood circulation and help keep a desirable posture while you are asleep. In case of compatibility, any mattress goes well with an adjustable base except an innerspring mattress as they might harm the coils of an innerspring with constant flexing.

Panel Bed:-A bed frame with a headboard and sideboard on either side is considered a panel bed. It also has side panels that console some parts of the mattress. It also comes with slats to provide support to the mattress.

Bunkie board:-Bunkie board is a ply-board often used on top of the older box spring or platform bed foundation that provides even mattress support. It is also used to raise the height of the bed in case it makes jumping in and out of bed a little inconvenient.


A sound sleep is the utmost necessity of any individual. It is not only a quality mattress that delivers the same but also a combination of quality mattresses with a compatible mattress foundation. Combining these elements with a proper sleeping environment ensures a comfortable, sound sleep.

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