Low-Priced Furniture Doesn’t Mean Low-Quality

Juliet D'cruz

Low-Priced Furniture Doesn’t Mean Low-Quality

Living rooms are multi-purpose spaces where family and friends gather to enjoy special moments. When it’s time to redecorate or move into a new space, this is the room designed with everyone in mind. Household members and guests are expected to spend hours being entertained and conversing with one another in the living room. So the comfort and style of the room have to be functional and inviting.

But, finding a complete living room set at an affordable price can be challenging as you visit different retail furniture locations. The prices are typically high due to the overhead expenses that are incorporated as part of the cost. But, shopping online has helped reduce the prices consumers pay for many items, including home furnishings.

The ease of shopping online has led many to abandon the traditional retail outlet in favor of their mobile device. Navigating through product pages to compare costs has created a very smart and savvy consumer. Finding the lowest price has become an art for many. Well, when it comes to furnishing your living room with the perfect new set, there’s only one place to shop.

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Visit 1Stop Bedrooms and check prices for cheap living room furniture sets in various designs and colors. They offer a low-cost, price-match guarantee on every order. Not only will they adjust the price of your living room set if you find the exact same one with a competitor for less, but you also get your set delivered for free.

And you don’t have to max your credit cards out to purchase new living room furniture. Make small monthly payments when you choose to finance your order. Choose a twelve, twenty-four, or thirty-six month and keep your cash available in case of a personal emergency.

Financing the order is a great way to get the living room set you want now without compromising quality. You can get each piece you want and design the room you envision without breaking the bank.

So, what makes a complete living room set? Of course, we must start with the centerpiece, the sofa. Every other piece of furniture you place in the area will complement the room’s largest physical and financial purchase. Choosing a sofa will set the standard for the style and vibe of the space.

Consider who will use the room and how many will occupy the space at a time. Are you a large or small family? Do you entertain often or seldomly, and how many are typically in the crowd when you do? That will help you determine a seating arrangement that satisfies everyone’s needs.

Smaller families that do not entertain often can relax with a sofa and loveseat combination. A larger family may want a larger sectional with accent chairs and ottomans for visitors. If it’s a space where everyone gathers to watch tv, then a reclining sofa set may be the answer.

Durability is just as important as functionality. You want a set that will last for years and stand up to the everyday wear and tear it will go through. There’s no doubt the living room seating will be plopped down into, bumped into, and fallen asleep on. If you have children or a pet, there are accidents, spills, and other mishaps that will take place. That makes choosing the right texture for your space necessary to maintain a clean and neat appearance.

Materials like leather and microfiber and easy to clean and hypoallergenic. If you don’t have those concerns, then a fabric living room set will give you more color and design options to work with. Their materials are often soft and breathable, making them friendly during seasonal shifts in the weather.

Now, once you have picked out a sofa and the loveseat or chairs to accompany it, how do you choose the other pieces you need? Start by assessing and measuring the space. Get real about what can actually fit in the space, and you’ll be able to choose furniture that meets your requirements.

If you have a smaller living area, consider placing two loveseats in the room to save space. Or, if two end tables would overwhelm the space, try using one and purchase a sofa with storage compartments. You can even place a sofa with a pull-out sleeper bed in the design for any guests that need to spend the night. That way, if your space is limited, you can still offer your visitors style and functionality in one piece.

Coffee tables are another piece helpful in the living room design as it provides a central area for magazines, remotes, and other items that need to be within arm’s reach. A table whose height is the same as your sofa seat is ideal.

As for shape, it is ultimately whatever you prefer, but here are some rules of thumb. Longer sofas work well with long rectangular or oval coffee tables. Sectionals and modern sofas look great with square or circular tables. Circular tables are easier to move around due to the lack of sharp edges. They can also add softness to a room that has sharp, square lines.

Most homes have a tv in the living room, and the design wouldn’t be complete without a media console. Fortunately, there is variety in the options offered. Pick from a fireplace tv console, an entertainment center, or a simple tv stand. You’ll find the one to fit the décor and add an extra layer of style to the space.

Accessories can take your design to the next level. An area rug adds coziness and a touch of warmth to the room. Rugs are also a way to bring attention to the subtle colors in the room. Find a pattern that incorporates different colors used in the room’s design, and tie the room together as one beautiful decorative package.

Remember, the living room is your home’s center and should be just as unique as you. Make your home stand out and use your living room as a space of self-expression for your and your family.

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