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List Of Best Restaurants To Order Food Online In Surat

The traditional cuisine of Surat is renowned around the world. From shopping to dining to sightseeing, Surat offers a huge variety of everything. The food of Surat found in the best restaurants in Surat has a very remarkable range of flavours. Maharashtrian cuisine has a big impact on the food of Surat. People often eat Jowar in Surat, whereas Bajra and maize make up the majority of the diet in Saurashtra and North Gujarat. Because of its location, Surat has a mix of foods for all preferences. If you are in Surat and you want to order Gujarati food online, here is the list of the restaurants that you can choose from.

What are some of the best restaurants in Surat?

  1. Maakhan Bhog

This restaurant is especially known for all types of sweets, snacks, and other delicacies that you can order from the comfort of your home to further enrich the nuances of any given occasion that might be taking place. With the delicacies offered at Maakhan Bhog, you can indulge in the authentic and the best food experience. If you cannot physically visit this place, you can use food delivery services to order food from one of the best restaurants in Surat.

  1. Jalaram Locho & Khaman

It is also considered one of the best restaurants in Surat, and they are specifically known for offering a variety of vegetable dishes that you can taste while staying in the city. People who have visited the dining place have also mentioned that they fell in love with the food as well as the hospitality of the place. Just because they offer vegetarian food, it does not mean that their options are limited, as people who have been to Jalaram Locho &  Khaman have raved about the variety of vegetarian dishes that are available there.

  1. Radhe Dhokla

Radhe Dhokla, as the name suggests, is another best restaurant in Surat that is known to offer vegetarian dishes that are bound to leave your taste buds wanting more. Along with offering a variety of vegetarian meals, the best part about this place is that their prices are also extremely affordable. So, can also enjoy a pocket-friendly lunch or dinner at this restaurant in Surat.

  1. Madhi Ni Khamni

It might be one of the oldest and best restaurants in Surat, as they have been serving the people of this city for nearly 78 years. The name of this place originates from Madhi, which is a village in Surat. This place is known to offer some of the most delectable vegetarian Gujarati dishes that one can find in Surat. They are also known to take orders for big parties such as weddings, anniversaries, birthdays and more. If you are ordering from their restaurant, you can be assured of the quality of the food.

  1. Mr. Dhokla

Mr Dhokla is also one of the best restaurants in Surat, and they are mainly known for offering Farsan varieties of Gujarati food. Some of the delicacies that you can order from this restaurant include everything from dhokla to locho, khaman, and more. If you are looking to grab a quick bite of popular Gujarati snacks that are extremely well made and also extremely hygienic, then Mr Dhokla is the perfect option for you.

  1. Mudita Ni Mithaio

If you have a sweet tooth and love all things desserts, then this place is the ideal joint for you. They are known to offer a variety of sweets at a very affordable price range. It is also one of the best restaurants in Surat that you can find on popular food delivery platforms, and you can surely bookmark this place for ordering all types of sweet delicacies for any occasion.

  1. Lunchbox  – Meals and Thalis

The name says it all. This restaurant is known for serving various types of meals and also thalis. So if you are planning to visit with friends or your family on a special occasion, then you can choose this place in Surat. You can enjoy either a combo meal or a gigantic thali to satisfy all your cravings for Gujarati food. The special concept of combining lunch box meals and thalis is what makes this place one of the best restaurants in Surat.

Surat has a diverse culture and authenticity when it comes to food, and even though their cuisine is slightly influenced by the Maharashtrian dishes, the uniqueness of Suratian meals is something that people from all over the world cherish. The best news is that now you do not have to learn to make these popular dishes at home. If you are visiting the city, this curated list of the best restaurants in Surat will help you to order from the comfort of your home to indulge in some Gujju delicacies and snacks. Most of these restaurants have tied up with popular food delivery platforms so that you can order food without any hassles.

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