How to start E-commerce Business

Juliet D'cruz

How to start E-commerce Business in 2020

If you are reading this article no doubt you are in search of the E-Commerce business. In this article, I will dig into the root of the eCommerce business and tell you how to start a eCommerce business?

What is an e-commerce business?

E-Commerce stands for Electronic Commerce. It can be defined as stores from where you can buy or purchase products as well as services over the internet. E-Commerce is a paperless exchange of business information, electronic funds transfer, emails and much more.

There are many online E-Commerce stores available on the internet like,, etc.

Every day millions of purchases are made on these websites. If used efficiently then E-Commercing can let you earn thousands to crores of money.

Advantages of e-commerce business

E-commerce business has lots of benefits some of them are given below:

  • Customers can easily search their products on your website and buy them easily.
  • You can sell your targeted products to your targeted audience or users.
  • Your business can gain more exposure to the world which can lead to increase your business from the local level to the international level
  • You can get a lot more customers with the help of advertising on search engines like Google, Yahoo, etc.
  • You can provide a lot of information along with a comparison to other products.
  • All payments can be made through a secured e-payment system.
  • You can track down your customers, their choices, their geographical location, demand, and a lot of other statistical data with the help of some advanced tools like Google Analytics.
  • These studies of the behavior of customers can let you earn more money.

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How how to start an eCommerce business?

There are various ways and steps which should be followed in order to start an eCommerce business and make it successful. I have provided some useful steps and tips to start an eCommerce business without any hiccups.

Choose the business

There is various business growing daily all over the world. In this initial step to start an eCommerce business, you have to decide the basic concept and theme of your business.

Here you have to decide which type of you want to start. This may include selling your products or services.

Register your domain name

The eCommerce business cannot be done without a proper website. So so you have to register the domain name of your website.

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The domain name must be short and able to give a quick idea about your business or services. There are various domain name registrars through which you can get a relevant and best domain name. This is the second step to start eCommerce business or website.

Business registration

Business registration is the most important part of your business. In this step, you have to complete all the paperwork of registration by hiring a business feeling company or you can hire a lawyer for this purpose.

Get business license and permissions

Now you have to get all the licence and permission from the concerned authorities. This will make your business permanent and it is very essential for your growth.

Build an attractive website

Develop a website through which you can show your goods and service to the customers. Feedback forms can help in gathering feedback. Your website must be mobile-friendly and user-friendly. You can receive orders from your website.

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Find customers

Now it is time to get customers and sell your goods. The website can play an important role in attracting visitors to your products. Your website must be attractive and full of information.

There are some other methods through which you can find new customers online. Local directories submission, online advertising, paid promotions are some best ways to promote your online business.


Feedback is the most important part of your eCommerce business growth. After selling any goods or service try to gather the feedback of your customers.

This will give you some best opportunities to improve your website and eCommerce business.

Conclusion – Start eCommerce business

In the conclusion of this article, I would like to say that E-Commerce is growing very much fastly nowadays. People want to purchase things over the internet rather than going to shop. So it is a great opportunity for you to start an E-commerce business.

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You can earn a fair amount of money by following our detailed guide. You can make your part-time career to full-time career in e-commerce business

If you have a local store or products to sell then you must go for eCommerce business today.

It is never too late to start for a good deal

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