How to Download movies for free in 2021

Juliet D'cruz

How to Download movies for free in 2021

We all want some kind of entertainment in our life and it’s easy to go to the theatre and watch your favourite movie but what if that’s not an option for you? There are many situations where you won’t be able to connect to the internet or get any sort of entertainment. And do you know what’s the best idea to avoid this? Well to download movies and keep yourself entertained.

But its not always easy go get downloaded movies, as those paid movie apps just cost too much, so how do you download the movies? Well for the beginners we are present a full guide that will tell you how to download a movie for free. 

We are listing 2 ways to download movies for free, the first is through free websites and 2nd one is through torrent. Check out the two ways and choose which suits you the best. 

Download movies from free movie download sites

Step 1. Find a free movie downloading website.

The first step is to find a free movie downloading site which you can easily get through search engines, there are many websites present that can let you download the movies for free.  Some websites are listed below – 

Step 2: Search your favourite movie

If you have found a perfect free movie downloading site then the next step would be to search for the movie you are looking for, you can do so by entering the name of the movie in the search box. You must watch motivational movies.

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Step 3: Find out if the movie is available  

Some websites just allow you to stream the movies but they don’t allow you to download the movie so check if it’s available for download. 

Step 4: Select format and quality

It’s really important that you look for the format that is supported by your device in which you are downloading the movie, and also choose the quality according to your internet connection. Remember high-quality print is large in size but also has HD quality while low-quality videos will be blurred but come in small sizes. 

Step 5: Download the movie

Finally, you can just enter the download option and your movie will be downloaded to your device.  And you can watch it whenever and wherever you want to.

Download movies via torrent

Okay, so all of you must hear of the torrent, as it is one of the popular ways to download any movie in HD quality in a simpler way. But not all people think it’s a simple way to download movies. Here we are gonna tell you in a step by step guide how to download movies from torrent?

But in some countries, it is considered to be a crime to download movies through torrent so keep your IP address safe during the use of torrent. 

Step 1. Download Utorrent 

If you are an Android user you need to download Utorrent on your phone, you can find it easily in the play store. 

Step 2. Search for the movie in its search engine

It’s important that you search for the movie in its search engine and further its results will be opened in the browser where you can find the website to download movies via torrent. 

Step 3. Open the movie file

If you have found the website then open it and select the movie size and quality and tap on that, it will be directly opened in your torrent app. And it will start downloading. 

After a while, your movie will be downloaded and now you can open it on any video player and enjoy your movie anytime anywhere. Get all new updates about technology, apps, games, websites at techiwar.

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