How to apply for an Aadhaar card in 2020 ( Multiple ways )

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How to apply for an Aadhaar card in 2020 ( Multiple ways )

There are multiple employment exchange offices across the various states in India and larger country-level ones working together, providing the people of India, who might need them the most, certain benefits relating to employment. The main job of the employment office is to gather information to assist potential employers and job seekers with details on available vacancies, connecting the right people to jobs within the right industries.

All registrations to the employment exchange office provide the applicant with an employment exchange card, and are Aadhaar based, with national portability. This allows people to use the same cards across all Indian state borders if they have to travel around the country. At the time of creating their cards, the job seekers data is registered with state and local employment exchanges are made available on the NCS portal which they can activate using their Aadhaar details.

Furthermore, people can use this portal to communicate with the department whenever they choose. They can then receive updates about job vacancies and other schemes, as and when they are launched. The employment exchange also sends text messages to the registered cell phone number for people who do not go through the platform regularly.

Other than providing jobs to people looking for them, there are many other programs, the employment exchange assists with. The main ones being their career guidance programs and counselling to assist people with finding what they might want to do moving forward. They also assist the underprivileged with finding the right jobs or by giving them small tasks to handle to sustain themselves.

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How do you sign up for and communicate with the employment exchange?

There are multiple ways this can be handled but the most commonly used one is through the online portal. While it allows all people to create accounts, find the online registration forms, and handle the process, it doesn’t have work timings and provides all the information needed so can be handled at the convenience of the applicant.

Post submitting the online forms, supporting documents and paying the fee, which varies based on the state that the person is from, the website will inform them about when their card would be ready. All people who have applied through the employment exchange, receive a card called the employment exchange card.

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The website uses this portal to communicate with the applicants even post creating an employment card, with updates on jobs and other information they might find relevant. Additionally, the registered phone number also received updates from them to keep them in tune with the happenings. It should be mentioned that the applicants should keep up to date with the happenings and not the other way around.

There is another process of coordinating with the employment exchange and receiving the employment exchange card and that is by visiting the employment exchange office. This is often done by people who prefer the offline approach. Although these people also receive updates through SMS, they can always create an online account whenever needed with their Aadhaar card details.

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