How Alkaline Water Can Boost Your Immunity

Albert Howard

How Alkaline Water Can Boost Your Immunity

The current Coronavirus epidemic has left many in search of solutions. At the same time, we are trying to find a solution more than ever to be focused on improving our immunity. It’s straightforward but one of the most effective ways to prevent flu or infection. 

When we read a myriad of articles on various superfoods and supplements that may help boost our immune system, however, we often don’t bother thinking about the most vital aspect of our daily lives: the alkaline water.

Are Alkaline Waters Better Than Regular Drinking water? 

Although people have generally been more conscious of their health throughout the years, many aren’t aware of whether the water they drink daily is suitable for consumption. 

Most households appear to be content with a basic Reverse Osmosis (RO) filtering water at home. It, in turn, takes moisture away from various minerals vital for our bodies, decreases its pH and makes it more acidic, resulting in an unpleasant taste, sour, corrosive drink that is not suitable for drinking.

The answer lies in looking at the purification of water in all its aspects. For a more precise explanation, the time is now to switch to alkaline water purifier, one of the most effective ways to boost immunity.

Health Benefits of Alkaline Water 

To start, the introduction of alkaline water within the body neutralizes acidic toxins that are present within the body. The overabundance of these toxic substances implies that the body must perform overtime to maintain health-related functions, leading to an overall feeling of weakness and fatigue. 

Water that’s alkaline and readily taken up by the body can help to improve the efficiency of your process of flushing toxic substances and toxins from the system. Alkaline water has also been proven to enhance the circulatory system’s functioning, resulting in improved blood quality and increased oxygenation to vital organs.

Furthermore, drinking alkaline water reduces the development of free radicals within the body, which can accelerate the process of aging. A research study released in the Journal of the International Society of Sports Nutrition revealed a noticeable difference in the total blood viscosity of the participants noticed after drinking alkaline water versus regular water following vigorous exercise. 

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According to a research study published in Evidence-Based Complementary and Alternative Medicine, Alkaline water offers greater longevity in terms of the “deceleration ageing factor” since it boosts the body’s functioning to survive.

Alkaline water is supplemented with a wide range of essential minerals, including magnesium, calcium, potassium, sodium, and trace elements such as zinc, copper and so on. that are crucial for maintaining metabolism in the body. 

There are several benefits of drinking alkaline water for your body. Drinkers of alkaline water believe that it offers more water hydration than regular water. Because many suffer from dehydration, particularly in warmer climates, drinking alkaline water could be an excellent method of keeping the body adequately hydrated.

An article published in Alternative Therapies in Health and Medicine revealed that drinking alkaline water can reduce osteoporosis and safeguard beta cells of the pancreas with its antioxidant properties. Another study published in the Public Library of Science (PLOS) found drinking alkalized drinking water boosts your body’s hydration, enhances acid-base balance and improves anaerobic exercise performance. 


Drinking alkaline water has numerous other benefits, including more robust bones and weight reduction. The benefits listed above are all cumulative. Help build your immune system to fight off the resistance to fight foreign pathogens and safeguard you from various health and disease issues.

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