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Hootsuite vs Buffer – Best Social Media Management tool 2021

I hope you are here in search of the best social media management tool for 2k19. Keep calm, and read this article, which will compare Hootsuite vs buffer.

If you want to make a blog that the visitors use seriously, then you must provide appropriate content to your visitors. Everything depends on search engine optimization, but another ranking factor is social media optimization. This may provide your blog best-ranking results on Google. This article will provide you with the best social media management tool and also a lot of information about Hootsuite vs buffer.

While choosing the best social media management tool, you must consider some factors. These factors will really give you the best tool. For the user who does not know about these tools, I would like to elaborate on these tools.

What is Hootsuite?

Before going on the comparison of Hootsuite vs buffer, let’s discuss what is Hootsuite.

Hootsuite is an easy as well as a powerful social media management tool. This tool is used by Search engine optimization experts and professionals on the industrial platform to increase their online visibility.

Basically, Hootsuite is a platform that is used to share posts and articles on different social media networks. This tool can surely increase the traffic on your blog or website and help you in growing. Hootsuite is most popular due to its marvellous features.

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Features of Hootsuite

These were some best features of the Hootsuite social media management tool. Some other features are in the comparison table.

Performance tracker – This tool provides a performance tracker through which you can easily get access to the performance of your content. This feature is the most loving feature and this tool get the best reviews due to this feature

Easy management – The comfortable and easy dashboard make the management of your content easier. A list of social media networks and your content can be easily managed using it.

Free trail – The users who want to try this tool, can easily access this tool within its free trial. 30 days free trial is provided by this tool, which gives a plus point in our topic Hootsuite vs buffer

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Different plans – This tool has several plans for different use. Along with free trial, team, professional, enterprise plans are also available on this tool at affordable price.

What is a Buffer?

According to my research buffer is another popular social media management tool that is used all over the world. This tool makes you enable to share your articles on multiple platforms in a single click. This is helpful in growing your website traffic and audience. Buffer can be used at the business level to reduce your time consumption.

To start your journey with buffer, first of all, you have to create your free account using your Facebook account, Twitter account or Gmail account. You just have to verify your account and then you can start using it.

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Buffer is available in multiple modes to suggest extensions for Chrome, Android application and, IOS applications. The cool picture of these social media management tools that you can use any paid plan free for 7 days in your 7 days free trial.

Features of Buffer

Free plan – This social media management tool provides a free plan for beginners. The free plan supports only one user with three social accounts for sharing. You can enjoy this free plan by just signing up with buffer. My recommendation is that you must try this free plan for the buffer.

Different plans – Buffer provides you with multiple plans according to use. Premium, Pro, medium and, small plans are available on the buffer. Everyone plan has its own specifications and features. For business use, the enterprise plan is also available on this social media management tool.

Performance analysis – Like other tools, Buffer also provides you latest performance analysis of your posts. Using these performance analysis reports you can improve and grow your traffic. You can generate custom reports, tables, charts, etc.

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Comparison: Hootsuite vs buffer

After discussing the features of Hootsuite and buffer now it is turned to choose the best between them. To choose the best between them we should consider some factors which will decide the best between Hootsuite vs buffer.

Various factors –

  • Plans and pricing
  • Social media platforms
  • Performance analysis

Plans and pricing

Hootsuite has three blanks with 30 days free trial for each. The plans are a professional team and for the enterprise. Considering professional as a basis then I would like to tell you about this plan.
Professional plane supports only one user with 10 different social media profiles at 1260 Rs/month. Bulk scheduling, real-time analytics, social sweepstakes, unlimited RSS integrations and, 30-day free trial impressive features of this plan.On the other hand, the buffer has Pro, premium, small, medium and, business plans according to use. The basic plan is the Pro plan, This plan supports one user with 8 different social media profiles for sharing. the number of scheduled post per file is a hundred. This can be used as an extension for Android application.

Link shortening, social analytics are the silent feature of the buffer which can be used at $15 per month.

Social media profiles


Social networks

Hootsuite Buffer
Facebook Yes Yes
Instagram Yes Yes
LinkedIn Yes Yes
YouTube Yes No
Pinterest Yes Yes


Performance analysis

Hootsuite provides simple and powerful analytics reports. These reports can help you in growing your audience and traffic. You can apply filters to generate custom reports for comfort. Yeah, you can and export your reports in PDF, Excel, CSV formats.
on the other hand, the buffer also allows the user to generate custom reports tables and charts. various filters are available on buffer through which you can generate weekly, monthly as well as custom date range reports.

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Conclusion – Hootsuite vs Buffer

In last I will like to tell you that according to the customers’ reviews and my research, the buffer is best between these social media management tool. so if you are looking for social media management tools and the buffer is best for you as a beginner but if you have a high budget and experience then Hootsuite is better.

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