Everything To Know About Ethical Hacking

Juliet D'cruz

Everything To Know About Ethical Hacking

Have you ever thought about the scenario that there will be no security available for your data, important documents, and other saved information? Here comes the vital role of Ethical hacking that can help you to prevent your data from being stolen and misused by malicious hackers. Ethical hacking helps you discover vulnerabilities from an attacker’s POV so that weak points can be improved and fixed. The main advantage of ethical hacking is that it can defend national security by protecting data from terrorists.

The main motto of ethical hacking is to gain the trust of investors and customers by ensuring the security of their products and data. That is why it is called the need of the hour. Ethical hacking aims to identify the weakness of your software security and help you to look at security and fix any anomalies before making a problem in an organization’s growth and success. Several tech giants like Google, Uber, Yahoo, Instagram, Facebook, etc., are hiring hackers in order to keep their data/information safe from attackers and enemies.

On the other side, governments also use state-sponsored hacking to prevent intelligence information about politics, an enemy state, etc. Today, there are several jobs available for ethical hacking in the existing industry, and also many CEH training courses are available to polish your skills and gear up your career. These courses help you learn new skills used in many security roles.

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This article is going to throw light on some of the vital features of ethical hacking.

What is Ethical Hacking?

In one line description, “Ethical hacking is a process that involves authorized attempts to gain access to an application, computer system, or data. As we know t, the mission of ethical hacking is the opposite of malicious hacking, with prior approval from the organization or owner of the IT asset. It includes duplicate strategies and actions of malicious attacks. Ethical hacking helps you to find security vulnerabilities that can be resolved before attackers have the opportunity to exploit them. It is also known as penetration testing.

Ethical Hackers- Professionals who perform the duties or tasks of ethical hacking with prior legal permission are known as Ethical Hackers. They are also known as white hats that perform security assessments. They learn and perform hacking in a professional manner which is based on the direction of the client. Their proactive duty is to improve an organization’s security posture. These hackers may use the same tools and methods used by the malicious hackers but with the permission of the authorized person for the purpose of improving the security and protecting the system from unauthorized operations/attacks.

Ethical hackers are responsible for reporting all the weaknesses and vulnerabilities found during the process to the management. They also find out what an attacker can do with the stolen data or information and how many people notice the attempted hack. At last ethical hackers have to represent the best way to fix the vulnerability.

Types of Ethical Hackers- Commonly, there are two types of Ethical hackers, White-Hat hackers and Black-Hat hackers. Their names and working operations are based on their intent of the Hacking system. But the names are derived from old spaghetti westerns, where the bad guys wear black hats and good guys wear white hats. On the other side, The combination of white hat hackers and black hat hackers is known as Grey hat Hacker.

Types of Ethical Hacking- There is no doubt that any system, network, process, device, or website can be hacked. To find out hacking, damage, and problems, an ethical hacker must know the techniques and tools used by malicious attackers. In fact, they must think and work like these attackers. There are a few popular kinds of ethical hacking which are used by legal ethical hackers. Types of ethical hacking are Web Application Hacking, System Hacking, Web Server Hacking, Hacking Wireless Networks, and Social Engineering.

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Process of Ethical hacking- Like a good project, ethical hacking too has a set of different distinct phases. Usually, there are six steps followed by ethical hackers to launch a structured attack, mentioned below.

  • Reconnaissance- It is the primary stage where ethical hackers gather data about the objective using active or passive means. This process involves identifying the target, searching the objective’s network, DNS records, IP Address range, etc. In this process, hackers use several tools such as Hping, Google Dorks, Maltego, NMAP, etc.
  • Scanning- This step involves testing an objective machine or organization for weaknesses/vulnerabilities that can be abused. The scanning process involves the utilization of apparatuses like network mappers, dialers, sweepers, weakness scanners, and port scanners to check information. Widely used tools in this process are Nexpose, NMAP, and Nessus.
  • Gaining Access- Now, in this step, hackers plan for the outline of the organization of the objective through information gathered during checking and observation. After identifying and checking the weak points, ethical hackers have a few alternatives to exploit them. Metasploit is the primary tool used in this process.
  • Maintaining Access- In this important step, hackers have effectively got entrance into a framework. Through the entrance, hackers introduce a few alternative or secondary passages to go into the framework when they require access to this possessed framework in the future. For example, Metasploit is the favored apparatus in this cycle.
  • Clearing Tracks- Normally, this process is known as an unethical activity that has to do with the ensuring of logs of the multitude of exercises and deletion of logs of all the activities that might occur during the hacking interaction.
  • Reporting- Finally, reporting is the last step of completing the ethical hacking process. Hackers merge their reports with their discoveries and the completed work like weaknesses found, instruments/objects used, the endeavor measures, the exploit processes, and the achievement rate.

So ethical hacking is very beneficial if used in a legal and well-planned way. It can help fight against cyber terrorism and to fight against national and international security breaches. A career in Ethical Hacking is worth pursuing in this digital world full of threats, malicious attacks, and vulnerabilities. Get enrolled with advanced ethical hacking training courses and make your career bright.

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