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Do Not Believe This Common Motorcycle Accident Myth 

When it comes to legal cases, there are various myths. It is important to know which ones are true and false to avoid making grave mistakes on your claim. Myths are often born as a result of discussing legal issues with people who do not have a strong legal background. Therefore, you must only discuss your hit by a car riding your bike accident.

When it comes to motorcycles or any kind of auto accident, there is one myth that seems to be following the victims around. When you do not clear your doubts, you set false expectations for yourself, which may later hurt you. 

What is the biggest myth associated with motorcycle accidents?

One of the biggest myths associated with motorcycle accident claims is that victims immediately receive compensation for medical bills. You may believe that since the other party has caused the accident, they should be paying for it. Even if the defendant accepts their fault for the accident, their insurance company will still likely give you a hard time. 

The bitter truth is, there is no such thing as “immediate compensation” in a personal injury case. When you file a claim, you must wait for at least a few weeks before you get your hands on the money. This is because filing a claim, gathering evidence, and negotiating with the insurance company is a long procedure. In some cases, it may take several months, if not a year. 

The biggest reason for not receiving immediate compensation is the insurance company. Despite what they like to advertise, they do not want the best for you. They will try their best to devalue your claim by finding faults, let alone pay you the amount immediately after the accident. Even if you prove your innocence with solid evidence, they will still try to settle a lower amount than you deserve. 

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How am I supposed to pay my hospital bills unless I receive compensation?

This is a matter of concern for many motorcycle accident victims. When an accident occurs, the first and most crucial step is to get checked by a medical professional and begin treatment. However, paying for healthcare can become a challenge for people with no health insurance or insufficient coverage. 

Thankfully, there is one option for you- a Letter of Protection (LOP). Your attorney sends a letter to your medical provider stating that their bills will be paid once the claim settles. It is a kind of guarantee that their payment will come from the future settlement or lawsuit verdict. 

Finding a solution when you are in distress can be challenging. Hire an attorney today. 

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